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Realization is one only. The difference in masters lies in the power and the authority to use it. That which is given by a Master to his Chargeman is not power, it is already in him, but the authority to use it. A Perfect master, in body-form, can work a lot of good for the world.

After his death, he enjoys eternal bliss, and the power is there with him, but not the authority to use it. So wherever there is a tomb of a Master, there the power is; but it is the faith which becomes the medium and utilizes that power. It is for this reason that people generally derive benefits from the tombs of Saints. Internal benefit can, however, only be imparted when the Master is in bodily presence. From eternity without beginning there is only one Perfect Master that has come to this world from time to time.

Moulana Niyaz Ahmed says: "The names and signs of my Friend are different in every epic, in features and distinctions there is difference; but in fact it is all One."

The last and perfect form of that Perfect Master is that of Muhammad. There is nothing outside ourselves! All the seven heavens and spheres, and earths and planes are within ourselves. The Perfect Master gives us nothing. He shows us the treasure that is within us. Duty therefore is authority, and it is for this reason that saints long to leave the mortal coil which keeps them from enjoying the eternal bliss.


RAMJOO'S DIARIES, pp. 147-148, Ramjoo Abdulla
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