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Eruch Jessawala

Rules, again we are talking about rules. Why do you keep asking about rules?

How can I bring home to you that our life with Meher Baba was not about rules; it was about learning to dance to His tune. Rules implies coercion of some sort. It is a rule, so we have to do this or that.

Baba has not come to lay down a set of rules for people. He has come to awaken love in their hearts so that they want to obey the rules that are inherent in their hearts. Haven't I told you all how Baba said the ten commandments are in people's hearts? And even then, it is not a question of obeying these commandments because they are rules; it is common sense.

If I love you, then I have no wish to harm you. What mother wants to harm her own child? Does she restrain herself from killing her child because of the commandment, Thou shall not kill? No, the very idea is preposterous. She is not obeying a rule not to kill her child, she is simply loving her child. If she is obeying any rule, we can say she is obeying the rules of love.

But the rules of love are not like ordinary rules. That is what I am trying to bring home to you. Really speaking, they are not rules at all.

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