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Dr. Abdul Ghani, Munsiff

During the period of Meher Baba's stay at the Jhopri [on the outskirts of Poona], the coterie of his friends and admirers from Bombay (mostly Muslims) were enjoined to pay him a weekly visit, on the express understanding that they should first pay their respects and homage to Hazrat Babajan before coming to him or attending to some other engagements after alighting in Poona. This injunction was faithfully carried out in spirit and letter by most of those concerned.

In one such visit to Poona I delayed my visit of homage to Hazrat Babajan till late at night and the lady Saint of Charbawdi gave me a very rude shaking physically in the presence of the crowd around her saying, "You were due in the morning and come at night."

This incident although awkwardly disconcerting at the moment, afforded me a very pleasurable insight into the perfect spiritual understanding that existed between Meher Baba and his Master, and this feeling was further accentuated when the following morning I was given for the first time an unusually cold reception altogether unlike what I was used to, by Meher Baba who ordered the basket of fruits for him that I was carrying on my shoulders to be unceremoniously thrown into a well nearby with a message to boot that he would not see me that day.

This avowedly was meant as a sort of a warning for me in not obeying his orders literally, with an implied lesson for others also in like circumstances.


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