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Part 2


Najoo Kotwal

Baidul, one of Baba's mandali, would sometimes request that he bring some cheap blankets, shawls or cooking vessels for the ashram, and Father would bring them willingly, as these items were all for Baba's work.

Later Mummy also willingly contributed toward meeting these expenses, for she was generous with her wealth, and she loved Savak. She would soon come to love Baba as well, but in the beginning Father's search for God made life very difficult for her, particularly because the most intense part of that search took place during the first several months of their marriage, between August and the end of October.

Mummy — young [18], frightened and pregnant — was so miserable that she neglected her health and became anemic. She did not complain about her unhappiness, but she finally decided to do something about it.

When she came to know that Savak was running after someone called Meher Baba, she was determined to confront this person. She managed to find out when Meher Baba was coming to Bombay....

When she arrived, a person named Vishnu told her, "Baba has just left and will be back in the evening."

Mummy, very disappointed, said with disgust in her voice, "I shall stay here even until midnight, until I meet this Meher Baba." She was waiting in the sitting room, alone and dejected, when suddenly she was aware of a man in a fragrant white robe drifting past her and disappearing into an inside room.

She was sure He must be Meher Baba, although she had never seen Him. Then Vishnu, who was one of Baba's mandali, came to her and said, "Meher Baba has come, and you are called in."

Mummy entered the room and stood in the doorway, "So you are that Meher Baba," she said angrily.

"Yes," Baba replied in gestures, "I am Meher Baba." One of His disciples spoke the words as Baba gestured.

"I have just come to tell you that you are the cause of all my miseries," Mummy informed Him.

Baba appeared astonished. He gestured for her to sit beside Him.

"I am not going to sit near you," Mummy said, sitting down opposite Him. She then started sobbing, pouring out all her woes to Baba. "You have taken my husband, Savak Kotwal, away from me. We were married only five months ago, and he loved me then. I am now almost five months pregnant and he is completely neglecting me. On weekends he goes to meet you in Ahmednagar. He does not care for me because of you."

With compassion in His eyes, Baba told her, "I have come to unite, not to divide. Don't worry. Everything will be alright."


2006 © Meherwan Kotwal


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