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C. B. Purdom

Obedience as the free devotion of the will has nothing in common with authoritarian subservience, the subjection to exterior orders or to an external absolute. Indeed, it contains the essence of intellectual independence, for full obedience is possible only to the intellectually courageous.

Such obedience is the seat of love, which is purity of heart, the capacity to reflect God's love without distortion. Such love is far from mere sentimental feeling, a pleasant sensation, and because obedience involves the mind and will, when the heart reflects, it receives and gives. That receiving and giving love is a disposition of the will.

Recognition of the factor of will is of the highest importance; for, as I have pointed out, the progress of the soul is not inevitable, and the sleeping soul cannot will: it is subject so long as it sleeps to natural development, which is decay. Without will, that is to say, a turning or disposition, what is called 'repentance', there is no awakening.

Thus responsibility is placed upon the human soul, which is the ground for the dignity and worth of man. Alone in creation he has responsibility, which is his greatness and uniqueness.

THE GOD-MAN, p. 427
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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