eric solibakke

God can only be found within you,
                  For his only abode is the Heart.

God is your innermost self.

To find God is to come to one's own Self.

-- Meher Baba

to the Avatar in everyone

Agora Press html edition
February, 1999
1972, 1999 © eric solibakke


1. Be with Baba

2. Freedom Manifest
        freedom structures : past present
        freedom structures : present present
        freedom structures : future present

3. Darkness Divides , Light Unites

4. The Fingerprint of Nearby Explosions

5. Float in the Rising Sun



to the pure and well perfected ones
who vibrate in the firmament
like stars in the clear night
hear my sincere mind pray for the love gift
which is my natural state
and help me , o compassionate ones , to achieve it

let my disharmonious mindwaves
be transmuted into wisdom with energy
and let a smile rise from my heart
at the sight of living beings who surround me
in the sufferings of ignorance
who do not look to you for the light of freedom

let my body , speech , and mind
assist you in the company of pure lovers
to purify the mindwaves of the impure
and open the doors of heaven to all sentient beings

o compassionate ones , calm the disharmonies of my spirit
and transmute them into love
and let the vibrations of love
flow from me in an unending torrent
like clear streams from snow mountain
and join the serene waves of the ocean of truth

o supreme lovers , show me the errors
that i may more clearly discern the path
and tread there with firm step
and pure heart unerringly united with truth
for i have experienced your precious light
and delight in no other

help me discover immutable love for my fellow creatures
for you have shown me that love
is the greatest spiritual power
far exceeding the miracles of mind-matter
even as the great buddha says with every word
and all pure spirits say

o great lovers , free me from the illusion of self
that binds me to matter
for you have shown me that one is free
when one realizes there is no one to be free
and freedom is love

let me broadcast the vibrations of love with such force
that others may take energy from me
and thus come to perceive your pure light

o fathers and mothers ,
acknowledge the sincere mind of your son



freedom structures : past present

1945 is the year one , nagasaki , hiroshima .

every mind coming to consciousness since that time
acquires a certain knowledge of the planet's death .

the force of this knowledge naturally forms a structure ,
the central structure , around one's actual use
of nuclear fire to destroy human life -- all life --
the unavoidable knowledge that numerous mass death
machines are -- not only conceived , designed , assembled ,
aimed and loaded , but -- fitted with trigger buttons
on some desk at which human beings sit in perpetual readiness
to destroy the greater part of all life on the planet .

minds structured before the nagasaki hiroshima detonations
did not learn from the experience because those minds
are uniformly structured to prevent learning from experience .

minds structured with a knowledge of the planet's death
turn away from it as unnecessary and unnatural .
one observes the planet and discovers it makes things grow .
one sees that it is without fault ,
that it is ample , just and beautiful .
one naturally desires to imitate the planet .
out of sure knowledge that a few machines can destroy it
comes the overwhelming new mind dimension in support of life .
call it a new or reawakened area of mind .
call it life-mind . how to live ?

the pre-1945 mind -- as a natural growth
of the last 3000 years of western experience --
is an elaborate death structure . death-mind
has an unavoidable need to impose its arrangement
of knowledge (read : understanding of the universe ,
mind or will) over other living beings .
it is a fear-weakened mind
which encounters experience by force and by repetition .
for death-mind , earth is a place of constant dying .
death-mind's every activity from perception through action
is a locus described thusly :

           War Commerce + Power Profit

this mind collects the wrong information --
often little more than market price -- and organizes it
into static structures very like categories .
it is prevented from collecting essential information
out of its own experience by its culturally inherited inability
to trust itself . for the western , knowledge is secured
from an expert who is always someone other than oneself .
in addition , the category structures are artificial
and static (dead) so that they can not contain
accurate information about living beings .
both the information itself and the connections made
in categorical structures are false , must be false .
extra-categorical information is never collected ,
being unrecognized and , in the west , feared .
what do you fear? the unknown !

in the unknown which is vast , lives the divinity .
it is feared despite all evidence to the contrary ,
evidence of the life supporting energy of the planet itself .
fear of the unknown , inherited from romans
though the death-centered assumptions of their laws ,
death-centered universe perpetuated by the roman church .

this mind despises changes : every change must fit neatly
into a familiar structure or else threaten the stability of all .
despising changes prevents growth ,
fights against the very nature of growth .
one sees the romans mounting endless legions to subdue
and 'romanize' their neighbors , legions to control
the people , legions to control the legions . control .
fear . no viable religion . no viable art .

this change-despising mind , prevented from going within itself
by the enforced rules of its artificial environment
(read : culture) , goes outside itself and imposes its will
over the planet through the use of the powers at its disposal
-- repetition systems possession death fear guilt
war commerce power profit -- through the medium of machines ,
which are a natural formation of the repetitive mind .
more than 100 years' exposure to repeating machines
only exercises and strengthens death-mind's habit muscle.

           War Commerce + Power Profit

the widespread killing done in the world today is mere habit
killing coming from no authentic activity of the mind .
mindless killing . mindless fears . vague unknown reasons
long forgotten in centuries of hate , guilt , death ,
exploitation , pain and privation for the many ,
unsatisfiable gluttony for the few .

what is the evolutionary effect of several thousand years
of constant warfare in the west ?
what system or structure is worth preserving
if it endangers all life that exists and will exist
on the planet ? habit killing . the time of killing is past .
life-mind . how to live ?

is it necessary to lay out this dead mind
in its many permutations of fear ?
a distribution system which assumes that all men are dishonest ,
and makes them so .
a judicial system that assumes it can judge men's actions
and make things 'right' by punishments : death and cage .
a governmental system that assumes it knows
what is best for its individuals and exploits them
on an endless wheel of consumption and production .
a religious system that assumes the religious experience
belongs to time past and uses a vast punishment structure
to ensure it remains in the past .

western philosophy , which in recent times is a germanic
(read : fascist) mind structure , investigates various death
or fascist approaches to the planet , fascist because
(again : always) they are systematic , categorical and imposed .
jean-paul sartre does the massive and ironical work
of bringing that labyrinthine mind structure to its final point :
freedom , which he calls existentialism .
there can be no 'classical philosophy' after sartre .
freedom . freedom from what ?
from 3000 years of hate structures , kill structures ,
power structures , possession structures ,
freedom from 3000 years of mind activity within a universe
where reality (the truth) looks like :

           War Commerce + Power Profit

at this point one can talk about the romans
whose how-many-thousands of years leave traces
of few authentic poets and evidence of no religion
beyond polecomil power (political economic military) .

or the persecution and destruction of alchemists ,
saints , heretics and specifically anyone who does not accept
and spread the official pattern .

or view the 'growth' of the western mind as continuous decline
from a peak at the time of the parthenon in athens ,
walled out of itself and made terrified by the roman mind ,
brutalized and made repetitious by machines
and the consumption of products .

or talk about education , rote learning , brutalizing the mind ,
false knowledge , and always an extreme limitation
in ways to determine and encounter the truth .
punishment learning . discipline . grading . true-false questions .
the american style university fails because
the student must answer the university's questions .

"thought without affection makes a distinction between good
and evil , just as it does between body and soul" , observes blake .
from aristotle to the end in mindless destruction ,
the mainstream mind has been capable of nothing more
than thought without affection -- not surprising considering
the artificial structure and the prohibition against self
knowledge . greeks vaguely remember self knowledge
with 'know thyself' . but they early lost the ability
to know themselves . they lost understanding of the odyssey .
plato misunderstood socrates ; aristotle understood neither .

or about death-mind's need to invent time
in order to fix mind forms , to attempt to create
a static state of mind to serve as a temporary armistice
with the experience of occupying a body on earth .
no changes . just as one's government always says or implies :
we've looked into the 'problem' with expert thoroughness
and our experts' considered opinion is to preserve
the status quo at all costs .

           War Commerce + Power Profit

or the growth of the western attitude toward possession
and the organization of society based on it ,
the unbelievably relentless attempt of a small number of
possessors to create a distinct race of non-possessor servants .

or the enslavement of women and growth of inability to love ,
helped along by tireless and pointless condemnation of the body
we all appear -- miraculously -- in .
western mind acts within a false control structure
which prevents one from gathering accurate information
about oneself or one's mate .

or about the 'renaissance'
which gave renewed force to roman patterns and assumptions ,
digging out the old documents and treating them
with scriptural respect . aristotle implies mass death
in the structure of his mind , and westerners blindly
act it out , generation after generation . historically
those who refuse to act out the roman universe uniformly
follow socrates into the execution chamber.

or about the collapse of western institutions ,
all of which are some aspect of polecomil power .
is it likely that the western universe will survive leaders
for whom 'the problems of the world' are insolvable ,
suicidally destroying the polecomil structure ,
its machines and its properties ?

one has to arrange for one's survival together
in various groups already well into collecting information
about how to live . how to live !

freedom structures : present present

uncountable is the number of evolutionary crises
faced by life on this planet in its long trek
from sea to land , acquiring hoof , claw , wing and hand ,
coming down from the trees , becoming upright ,
perfecting a life-support chamber for the mind to occupy ,
and in most recent time expanding that mind
to encompass the force of nuclear explosions --
willful man-made destruction of the planet and its life .
whatever happens on the exterior happens with equal force
in the interior , nagasaki , hiroshima .
proliferation of those machines literally blows the mind .
the alteration is structural and permanent ,
an evolutionary circumstance just as remarkable
as the evolutionary difference between claw and hand .

senseless , blind destruction of the planet is now
a quality of life on earth , and it modifies the mind
in exact degree to its energy , as every quality of earth
modifies the mind . this particular modification is
a turning away from death toward life -- a motion of the mind
which takes it far beyond the death-worship mind of the west .
it is life-worship mind . it can be nothing inferior
without bringing the planet to total destruction
in less than one human lifetime.

for the western mind , any changes , differences
or unknown factors are frightening experiences
that it rectifies by destroying , avoiding , proscribing ,
punishing , never by joining and transforming
as is natural to the free mind .

the long cycle of death-worship is finally broken
by the actual achievement of death for all living things
whenever scheduled by central authority .
the mind changes , and along wit it
both the planet and evolution themselves are changed .
the planet becomes again the garden which it has always been
for all living things except man .

evolution , which darwin saw organized around the energy
of survival , can be viewed as survival of the fittest
only if survival is constantly threatened .
the organizational energy of survival is desire :
desire to survive provides the energy .

the organizational energy of evolution through the periods
studied by darwin is desire to survive .
and so today it remains desire . once survival is ensured
the rhythms of mind become life supporting
as they are with the post-nuclear-massacre free mind .

when survival is unchallenged , other desires come into force .
man's body becomes a protean entity for his mind .
over a period of time he can mold it as he desires.

when survival ensured by the nature of relationships
between living beings , whatever is genuinely desired
-- cellularly and consciously -- by the great number of people
-- comes about over the requisite period of time.

it appears that one cellular and conscious desire
common among men is the wish to fly .
with survival ensured , mankind enters the age of angels .
we grow wings . ancient wisemen who speak of angels
see naturally that the life-worship mind
moves inexorably into heaven on earth .

minds which did not learn the lesson of life
from the great nuclear massacres
or by the accumulation of some other energy
do not comprehend the nature of recent events ,
nor understand a free mind :
explanation and illustration are hopeless .

many minds in the past have know
and occupied themselves with the coming of this age :
homer , cervantes , twain , shakespeare , blake , whitman ,
all the prophets , alchemists , mystics ,
and all the great artists of western history .

           Joy Creation + Truth Beauty

freedom structures : future present

freedom party . in place of the state , no state .
death-mind state wields polecomil power by engendering
and enforcing numerous laws . ten million american laws
and millions of gun explosions fail to enforce
the ten commandments . most 'criminals'
generated by the roman system are obviously not criminals .
they are ignorant , frightened , bitter , ill , deprived
human beings . they have never experienced freedom ,
never experienced love . how does one judge a man ?
how does one judge a universe ?

the rule of good laws naturally comes to a violent end
by its failure to support life on the planet .
how many evolutionary crises have been met and used
by living beings to produce you , the reader ?
to meet the present crisis , the mind moves its attention
from good laws to good men .
with good men and women there need be no law ,
there must be no law .
no outside authority can dictate the truth
of a mind's encounter with the living planet .
one is free to act out one's truth to discover in fact
where truth lies . one is free . one must be free .
truth is beauty . a free society works by natural law
that never prejudices against beauty , with relationships
between living beings naturally arrived at,
and status in the society self-evident as a matter
of an individual mind's energy and accuracy .

the first state of being is childhood ,
ended after twelve or fourteen years by puberty .
it is a time to acquire viable personal habits ,
to discover the physical universe ,
a time to master the tools of communication ,
a time of love and freedom .
the period closes at puberty with a sexual-religious
initiation and advancement into the state of being
of those who mate .

mating is free and personal , without external marriage
ceremony unless created by the lovers involved ,
who form groups of any size or composition .
the second state of being belongs to investigation
of the body and pleasure , producing children ,
learning about growing beings .
these people live on the land and make things grow ,
crops , animals , children and themselves .

after a number of years of sexual freedom ,
one discovers that the body by its very nature has limitations
which the mind does not share . one moves away from body
and enters deeper into mind , curtailing activities
of the body in order to expend that energy in mind .
this decision of the individual mind makes entry
into the third state of being in the society ,
and the demarcation between those states is indistinct
and non-binding , depending only on the energy and accuracy
of any individual mind .

people in the third state of being work with their minds
in a yogic manner to train themselves for freedom .
their yogic work has to do -- in so far as it has anything
to do with society -- with matters of distribution ,
communication , transportation , public facilities
and many such matters as have been recently carried on
unsatisfactorily by commerce as profitable activities .

a yogic work is any work transformed into play ,
done with such freedom , thoroughness , truth and love
that it leads the worker to understand and experience
the pure nature of the universe .
any work done properly without attachment is yogic .

certain minds working yogically in the third state of being
attain enlightenment , or freedom , and this event
marks entry into the fourth state of being .
the activities of enlightened beings , in so far
as they have anything to do with society as a group ,
concern justice -- only enlightened being refrain
absolutely from judging .

           Joy Creation + Truth Beauty

except for the demarcation between states one and two ,
brought on by the body's maturity ,
there is no outside compulsion to move from one group
to the next . many never move out of the physical group
until the body fails from age . others move quickly
through that state with little interest . the majority
of people are found somewhere within the third group
when their bodies wear out . considerably fewer
acquire extraordinary spiritual powers and freedom ,
automatically regrouping with men of similar powers .
such groupings of course are not spatial , except
where spatial grouping fill some natural requirement .

nowhere in society is there room for jobs or duties
that humiliate and brutalize human beings ,
especially through endless repetition .
the means of industrial production is being organized
and reconceived so that no job is brutalizing .
more than that , each job shall be instructive in some way
in the areas of the natural world , physics ,
and how society produces manufactured things it uses .

factories and industrial plants will be far fewer
as the number and quality of produced articles becomes
unrelated to the war-commerce-power-profit manner
of human relationships . with every job instructing
and in so way enhancing the human being ,
the industrial means of production is an educational activity
belonging to the school system . an enlightened factory
is a perfect educational experience for school children
who move on to puberty and other activities as they mature ,
avoiding repetition and allowing fresh minds
(incoming students) the occasion to learn .
adults in the third state of being concern themselves
directly with the yogic work of keeping
educational environments truly educational .
the free society has no tendency to cheat it young minds ,
understanding that to cheat any living being
is to cheat oneself in like degree .

           Joy Creation + Truth Beauty

the production of food falls naturally to people
who are making life , the second state of being .
the majority concern themselves with the many aspects
of food production and animal raising .
they are sensual , life sensitive people in close contact
with the physical universe , their bodies and generation .
many are craftsmen , although the majority of craftsmen
come in the third state of being .

in free society , possession as known in roman times
is unheard of , and money is not used as the means of exchange
of wealth . the planet and its objects do not belong
to anyone . they exist . they are used and shared .
it is a failure of communism not to provide a truly fresh
attitude toward possession , communism being ultimately
just another version of capitalism .
as far as money is concerned , a 'promise to pay'
is made directly , good man to good man ,
involving no printed proof .

no employment , no job in the society humiliates ,
brutalizes or reduces the human spirit .
the very concept of work is ultimately related
to the development and growth of the human mind .
every employment must be instructive and uplifting .
those jobs which cannot be converted into yogic work
are done by machines , or not done at all .
a free society makes no compromise on this issue .
everyone know that men are exactly as their understanding
of their experience makes them .

one does not necessarily foresee the various arrangements
which will grow among free people in the daily workings
of free communities , but one sees clearly
that he 'business' of the planet will be simple
yet vastly more complex and satisfying
than in recent times (3000 years) .

problems -- the problem-solution approach to the planet
being an old western mind trait now discarded --
do not exist !

           Joy Creation + Truth Beauty



the train to kathmandu
passes through a village named
at the twilight hour when people leave fields
and smoke gathers in the valleys
between house walls

the flesh is always healing
everpresent wounds
of a day among things

twilight trees embrace each other
and watch the halo'd palm
balance his curved spine ,
the phallos of glory aroot in sandy yoni ,
from the inside , shiva-shakti

it is not my hair , that flag
that waves against our eye ,
for the presence

the light goes out
                          and lights
come on
to remind what the eye forgets

the dog lies down to sleep
among insects

let us not talk overmuch ,
        rather reserve that energy
                 for other voices , all the feeling
in the eye to speak , all the speaking
in the fingers to touch , all the touching
in taste and smell

the sculptors of nepal
transform mountains into architecture

"whatsoever your hand finds to do ,
        "do that
        "with all your might

the people attend movies and still
they don't understand

omens abound
from athene in the net of christ
on easter weekend
                                  to bird-clouds
                                           peace doves
                                  and sacred phoenix
                                           giver of divine law

the god within has purpose
in every action :
                          our differences are
                          our ways of ignorance
                                           measure for measure

some heaviness weighs ,
the burden of self
                          making demands
                          and idle distinctions ,
                                           fear and trembling

what moving presence disturbs peace
with a veil
of separations , falsely dividing
the surroundings

what mind action works poison
into the gatherings of eye ,
                                           stunting the whole

where has gone the not-caring-that-frees ,
the not-caring-that-disturbs-not-the-flow ,
                                                            ankh mind

some thought poisons love
some thought rides through on a beast of destructions
some mind rhythm slays love

what weariness , to pass judgment on others

dusty weather with clouds
can't see the pure
                                  white boned peaks
beyond the valley ,
                                  the high lands
of pure consciousness

morning birds sing , sitters in the sun ,
shadows , dry faces ,
                                  full baskets going into town ,
                                  few coming out

the season of kathmandu new year
after rebirth in lhudi's tomb
below the hum-along dome ,
the new year of gift waves

the teaching   :    whatever vibration
                          you receive , let it strengthen
                          the love rhythm

the mind observes the point of attention


creation and destruction :
        in a bus in banaras the vibration comes ,
        creation creates destruction
        destruction creates creation
        in a bus on earth , find love for the one

our days of the myth's working out ,
our continuing days of myth ,
                                           new testament

i thought i'd conquered anger ,
        put anger-violence away as a breeder
                 of pain and spawner of itself

blessed the sour monk for half an hour ,
        aimed the mudra of peace at his head
                 to free milarepa from a locked cave

saw the workings of pattern in maria's
outburst flow of money fear
                                  and my misuse of it
while indians restrict the forms of kindness
and the possession vibration resounds

anger aside , i played through the pattern
and spoke my peace awareness :
        "deficient in love , i'd said
        "deficient in love , she says
while the bug of some disease
eats my wisdom ,
                          angry marpa
                          dwells in my head
and the angry zen master
up and pulls her hair with a boot on the ass ,
harsh speech , demands , action --
                                                            put down
by the boatlord who comes through the window
blowing kisses

balance experiences : monastery and mataji

any one of us is a medium to manifest
the powers of universe
by non-opposition to them ,
        by letting them flow through

animals are eaters -- thus the body
        integrates into the earth around it
                 in a flow of elements ,
                          earth , air , fire , water
                                  and ether (mind , space , void

mountain shadowed pool
equally lucid in every part

green jungle of weightless floating
overlighted in fluid sky ,
rippling fall of milkwhite foam,
                                           body of the water god

the creature does not escape the presence
of creator ,
                 giver of all , all gift

the creature receiveth om :
to become giver becomes godness ,
to become vibration through which passes all
things , all energies harmoniously
                                           becomes godness

first i discovered free will
        then i discovered god's will
                 "as you supremely desire , so shall you be

the voice of the flesh-father
        blows like dry sand
                 through the mind-universe

the people disport themselves
        in strange untruth ways

floating waters of downtrek sun ,
        the illuminated river flows into darkness ,
our eyes turn from the splendid ray
        to the x-ray darkness of shining void ,
        and the matter of all authentic lovers

the moon dies from light , is reborn

great spirit is the authority of cause and effect
great spirit is the love of like for like ,
                                                   the gravity of all beings

" love without shadows stirs now
                 beginning to awaken
                                  as night
advances " wcw

   intuition intellect instinct + nowhereman somewhereman everywhereman

after each death one rediscovers oneself
                                                   in greater detail

we must forgive our fathers and mothers
        for the ignorance they bestowed on us
and forgive ourselves the ignorance ,
        knowing the unity of father-mother-child
as the love-web of all living being

between the one who gives and the one who receives
a third is born : the gift

"whosoever saves a single life is as if he had
"saved the whole world ;
"whosoever destroys a single life
"is as if he had destroyed the whole world
                                                   says talmud

euphoric wisdom
                          a degree of love
                          a stage of knowledge
what drug could jet one out of the natural world ?
out of what nature into what other ?

seekers and finders installed within
seekers and finders without
weepers and keepers installed within
weepers and keepers without

is forgotten what community ridgepole
the wise man , the freed-of-earthly-desire ,
the sprung-from-systems , the non-mechanical ,
the exhibitor , teacher , focus and source of love

overlooking kathmandu at the eyes of swayambhu ,
any city in the valley , any structure
nestled against the flowing life of any stream

government buildings and residences ,
the temple crowded square ,
                                           company roofs
and the beach of indestructible roofs
of those whose manner is not profitable

all this is training
from the road winding between houses
to the company of stacks
                                  poisoning the free air

all is training submerged in its essence

can't go alooking ,
                          for that makes it
among the absane ( absurd insane obscene

magic maya forgets me
into point of view : my point of view
creates me as a separate entity
and creates the time i take place in

morning air , morning sky
morning shadows nearby

morning sun on the walls
liquid light runs and falls

birdsong flutes overhead
morning words freshly said

all the actions begin
hand , wing , hoof , claw and fin

morning wakeup in the mind
morning light cures the blind

morning motions rediscover
morning mind is the lover



the black cat pats by on the patio , a universe
by whose rule , what law ,
appearing near midnight , traveling

do the people believe only in habits

and consciousness the sea breeze
                 blows a full-rigged vessel
blown through the mind of phaiakia
at the speed of thought
accuracy and energy
                                  full of treasure

what treasure laid on odysseus
by king strongmind and queen virtue

the double cage of what we think
you are
and what you think you are

the single legged flamingo
concentrates on balance with his head ,
mobile head , gyro mind

feels free to be beautiful
this golden pheasant .
china . whose soul returns to earth
feathered in color , handless
without the tool of grabbing

all the animals in the zoo
avert their eyes ,
by bars and wire . unfree

the birds with all their beauty and balance
chinese birds
                          with hoods and haloes
of gold green ,
they lack the limbs of acquisition

the chimpanzee jumps up wide-legged
and pulls his rubber snake
up down around
and tucks it in his groin as he sits

he grabs me in the eye and holds on
to what the tigers with crossed paws
dropped their furry eyelids on

bleary-eyed sky

the lost child is blind with grief
the sky is blurry without relief
the heart is bloody without belief
the world is barren for the thief

how to give , how to live
with these hands ,
the shame of knowing what they've done
to the earth

electric fingers
ten tongues
to taste creation

mind     water fire air earth    earth air fire water     mind

in the west , only machines learn
the code of nearby explosions

odysseus , don quixote , tom sawyer
what gift
                 asurge in the artery of knight
krishna , the song of karma , noitu love
what wealth ?

                          wherever one is ,
all is there .
forms . to perceive the forms ,
to delight in them ,
not preferring

                                  as the energy
of speech forms sound , song , sentence
                                  so the energy
of matter brings forth all things

mother shakti ,
she beguiles him into the act of

meanwhile christ vibrates on the wall
in light
around a pair of eyes nailed through the hand

it is not suffering i see
        not suffering that engages me
in the gaze of christ ,
                                  world traveler
treader of these eastern paths ,
                                                   but shanti

and the swami's first lesson ,
arms extended :
                          forgive them
for they are ignorant , and
                                  forgive also
yourself , for the same reason
                                           nailed through the hand

precious eddie , eight fingered ,
to the chimpanzee :
" what're yeh tryin' ta do ?
                                  put yerself on ?
that's the cage "
hunkered down like a short legged bird
on his houseboat in banaras

this is man's godness
        that he may not depart from truth
        of god , by god , for god
        shall not perish from this earth



like tagore , which they call me
in certain crowded apartment houses ,
i come before thee as a singer
and reacher of divinity ,
                                  for it plays
around my head like spring clouds
at the will of the elements

i remember your beauty
and the form of it
against skies as blue and spacious
as my concentrated soul
and i called you athene of wonders ,
        male-female , armored peace-maker ,
        tenant of the akropolis of beauty-wisdom

ancient , ancient
the gods do not change with fashion

                          eye of beholder
                          eye of heaven

thy beauty fans my cheeks
like the soft wings of the phoenix

no longer count ,
                          aquiver on the raw air :
are everywhere

the clock turns , the age advances .
one glimpse of you , divine couple ,
wipes from my mind the concentration of death
bespoken by homer .
                                  i imagine the market places
filled with disciples of odysseus
penetrated into crossroads ,
the wine houses , the places of assembly

socratean elders proclaim the law of mind :
        "o see that plato does not understand
                 his master ; see also
                          that aristotle misunderstands"

energy of voice wasted worldwide
on illusion ,
                 vision of worlds
                 created by that power
                                           in the medium of truth

freedom ,
an end to the separation of idle distinctions
between matter and spirit
in the smooth flow of balances ,
in the whirling balance of the circle

sunday in banaras
brush stroke clouds
forming and reforming
                          what matter
                          that i see no brush
                                           when i know it is there

freedom manifested
freedom to see , not to see
amid the distractions
for everything is thee , and not thee

infinite are my lives for i died
in paris , athens , teheran , benaras
and in love of you
am i reborn , born and born ,
                                           cosmic family


a man not look
within his mind for a month
                                  sees strangely
                                           when he sees

as for memories ,
consider the flowers every morning
with petals spread along the walks
or the sky seldom looked at
in the desire for something "ineffable

and then to meet the mother
with the power of true motherhood ,
having never seen a mother ,
the skill about her heart and hand

there are rishis in the teahouse
thus i dare not close my eyes

" pisces : the light of the world ,
this is the light , revealing
the light of life itself .
it ends forever
                 the darkness of matter " aab

to express the presence
of abundant perfections

to voice the rhythms
of nonstillness sound things

father-mother , one sees one ,
                                           rain is the sea

each man inventing his forms
at each moment ,
                          truth is the abundant power

the noun is illusion

often upon a to time
to me lives on many sides
of to boat upon ganga ,
to river as god the planet does

to mahogany smoothly to peoples'
shapes , shine
to curve and shine not to curve

to light alights from ganga
burning not to make ash
or to white candle

sounds the to people lifeshape
while sounds also to buffalo
to bird to insect to dog to boat
to water to holy city nearby
and to sound otherly

to eat fruit when god
the to sun
is everywhere and
to sit not to perceive
yet to be onepoint

again , oh again the flight of gulls
neither soaring with wing reaching
the points of the cross
nor skimming over the margin of earth-water
but manoeuvering like gray flames
among the holy rooftops and battlements
                                                   of banaras
                 the image : skill and unity
                 of elements ,
                          for the bird is air
                 and the air is bird ,
                                  without distinction
                 air flows into wing
                                  wing into air

oh creator of the fly's phenomenal eye !
oh maker of the seeing and seen !
your clouds draw my eyes for messages ,
the text of inbetween mirroring both above and below

                 a - earth
                 u - firmament
                 m - heavens

this morning a golden wonder over the white writing
before the sun lifted breathlessly

oh beings of love , instruct me
in the immaculate laws of union
        "to attain true spiritual success
         thou must also attain true love
         for thy fellow creatures

true love proceeds from the divine heart
and plays upon the spirit
like a great musician
generating the harmonies of concord

may christ return to earth
to shed the gleaming rays of love
on all beings .
                 may i be christ myself
as a harmony with my universe
                                  and the creatures of affection

the greatest spiritual power
is to awaken the tones of love
within others ,
                 to give birth
                                  to harmonious contact

now do i regret the chances i missed ,
the advantages i took over others
knowing and unknowingly
in the illusion of same and other

the smell of ocean pervades the wind
over ganga today ,
                          fluorescent sky

my mind turns and twist
in the agonies of learning
those ancient laws that man
has forgotten by opposing
the earth and its creatures
as if he were a separate
entity risen from elsewhere
where god resides not

listen to the hum of love
from where else can i come
when the very universe itself
is the body of god, the divine flesh ,
i am within it ,
                          it within me ,
he-she , union , harmony .
is dissolution in separation

listen to god's plan
and see how i do fight my maker ,
my very makings , the very stuff
from which i am made

every tree is god , a god form
-- see that
and a sky full of fish forms ,
the everchanging .
                          a man
who sees sky
                          cannot believe in institutions

god's play : i am sky ,
fearless , the pure world , spirit ,
fruit-heavy tree of life
moving upward , inward .

beauty also inheres in gross spirit
as in light and shadow
as in earth , as i stone

universal life
the sun bobs up on beams of light ,
the smile of god
who lives in all things as energy
                                                   as spirit

over the ganga falls a cool light ,
the nectar of sunrise
                 "to bathe in the silver water
                 at the moment of sunrise
                 fills one with nectar ,
                 bhagwan das
                 applying delightful hands
                 to the drum heads

thus i swam
thus i bathed in nectar
unfathomable juice of shiva
home of prehistoric dolphins
and nectar spreads through my limbs
pooling in my brain ,
                                  the divine substance

oh god of heaven in all things
oh father-mother
let us unite in vision and wisdom
for i sit on your palm
and gaze into the depths of your eye
with longing for the knowledge that burns there
in full radiance
                 omniscient , omnipotent , omnipresent
all-pervading master of what is ,
balancer of the wonder force of nature

great spirit
take my body , take it :
it is the home of magic maya , the desirer .
too long has this body catered
to the desires of separation , pulling apart
with wishes and appetites
that come to nothing in the face of great spirit
who moves not , yet contains all movement

night and day , the yin-yang of earth ,
each following the other around earth
in perpetual sunrise and sunset .
                                                   sky ,
blue and black , unmoved .
                                           magic maya


Love Wisdom Freedom + Desire Fear Hate

Our home is everywhere
since we are the children of God
and He-She is everywhere
living room planet
and forces
and love , the field of forces ,
triune body-mind-spirit

our body-mind-spirit is feeling the joy of God
feeling meaning as
the body of contacts ,
the mind of freedom
and the spirit of love

our mind is the one body of cosmic family
our mind the one mind of all mind
our spirit the love of creator for creation

This screen , this five dimensional screen called "i"
lends over the gleaming facets of mind
to God the One
and thus knows who "i" is

"i" is the One in its many facets
no facet less than whole

" ego is first impression "
says father eternal soul
that multiplies points of view
into the conflicts of illusion
: magic maya :
                          and death

finding out what my karma is
is my karma

Salute the variousness of One
growing manifold branch
of one air
varied and resolute
in plant idea and animal

catch the brightness of other worlds
as mind speeds over the waves
of quick sea

know me any way says Great Spirit
know is yes

paramahansa yogananda brings
the flow-through love of babaji ,
the current of love-will ,
he the everluminous battery ,
thou , sweet receiver , the light
and "i" the wide wire ,
knowing battery , light and wire as One

love this planet
into the next dimension
with the gathered love-consciousness of body

who is all this beauty for ?

the squeal of tortured animals
evokes a chinese mansion
in the pleasant mountains
of God knows what incarnation ,
voice of the arrow that spins
through twelve axheads ,
the decapitated skulls of past deeds
: mexico reports a highway full of dead bodies

He-She is the joy of seven rays
He-She is the motor over smalltalk
He-She gets down from a white horse and takes up the bow
He-She allows himself to take the shape of chimes
: the vibration of temple
                                  produced by every harmony
: the congregation of lovers
                                  searched in ways to express affection

Mothers have always known
in their secret hearts
the power that destroys their sons ,
the anti-love of sad necessity
that spoils the seed

the human body is the form of love in matter ,
as every mother knows
by the joy pains of long birth
and the father is male mother
energized by desire to unite

butkara : the knowledge of pure lands
went under a wave of concrete power ,
to wet the deeds of everybody's cornfield
taking the energy of enlightenment
from electric coin bullets and greed

stupa locus
dream spot of unbent eye body
uncoiled limb of the mountainous eye shape
pure land of love vision

"stopped awhile to wait for Allah .
Allah showed ,
        over the brown body of shadows ,
        too real , he said ,
                                  and we moved on

                 JULY 1969 AD

7th month , year of yin-yang anno domine
we come in peace for all mankind
express the intelligent eyes
over a mouth of downdrawn fear

what the eyes see
mouth cannot express
with the impure mantra of the third world

can see the conflict
without resource of harmony
to conduct the life symphony of tuned instruments

stupa locus of body
stupa locus of mind
stupa locus of heart

    double happiness

"double happiness"
the three-pronged plus of shiva ,
creator-preserver-destroyer , yab-yum
and three-bladed oar of poseidon ,
mahaguru of odysseus the knower

7 wheels of consciousness
realized as 5 , 5 pointed star ,
man , woman

           5 pointed star

connected in 3 ,
body , mind , heart

the 3 of man and the 3 of woman
connected in love

          Star of David

6 pointed star of evolution ,
overlapping planes of synthesis ,
thus "double happiness"
realizes the symphonic land

the sunset of here
is the sunrise of there ,
one massive colors
broken into a billion billion eyes

Earth , water , fire , air , love
five attitudes toward form
five attachments
five bodies
                          smell body
                          taste body
                          sight body
                          touch body
                          hearing body

5 pointed star

           5 pointed star


for Great Spirit is five attitudes toward form
for Great Spirit is the very secret of numbers

  1  the Oneness of Great Spirit
  2  enjoys by division into many points of view
  3  the physical , mental and spiritual bodies
  4  in the medium of matter
  5  through the manbody of five attitudes toward form
  6  by evolution
  7  of the cosmic vibratory structure
  8  to infinite
  9  love consciousness
  1  of the Oneness of Great Spirit

the wheel of opening consciousness
zodiacal yoga of love bound solar systems

7th month of the seven wheels
year of yin-yang
anno domine , "after Christ
who comes in peace for all mankind

does not depart from peace mantra
does not depart ,
                          "second coming
being a matter of attention ,
                                  a point of view


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