Book 7


eric solibakke

agora html edition
agora press
Oslo, Norway
second edition 1998
1994, 1998 © eric solibakke


eternal perfect beloved

i bow down to you, beloved,
and greet your 5 perfect masters and 51 perfect ones,
all the pirs, walis and saints on the planes
and between the planes
and all the masts in their enchantment wherever
and all those who love you
and all who long to love you
and all those whose dormant hearts will awaken
in the touch of your love

i greet all with hands placed palm to palm in front of my heart


how the rock awoke

  1. even with all its puzzles and enigmas
  2. not wanting to die, not wanting to be born
  3. you are the end of the line
  4. you are the sperm which fertilizes the world egg
  5. when one merges with you
  6. if you were not one, the sky would fall
  7. something in your face
  8. you empower the impossible
  9. your anonymity and quiet presence
10. you say you love both sinner and saint
11. you tell me to love god
12. i used to keep myself alive
13. i must have disturbed god in my last life
14. duality is hell, unity heaven
15. the shame of inadequacy
16. if anyone sees love and perfection in me
17. your uncaused and purposeless whim
18. craving nothing, not asking for anything
19. one hundred years old
20. baba's hundredth birthday celebration
21. if i fall on my knees before you
22. the entire creation unfolds as a dream
23. some fog in mind makes thoughts seem real
24. i give the world to you, beloved
25. even good toys are set aside
26. all straight lines become circles
27. shadow comes together with light
28. when old games have lost their charm
29. buddha gives the impression there's no god
30. the golden rain of grace
31. mind can remove veils of misunderstanding
32. not during subject's courtship of object
33. discover the soul's first face
34. your grace has rained an ocean
35. who would recognize your golden silence
36. listening for the word of silence
37. even in the midst of all noise
38. how does one know the difference
39. there are two kinds of silence
40. when goodwill replaces anger
41. samadhi without realization is yoga
42. in the beginning, love for the mother
43. why ask where new souls come from
44. by the law of boddhi all is one
45. time stands quite still
46. hearing the beloved's names and seeing his image
47. the "big bang" happened
48. god lies behind consciousness in such a way
49. look under your rugs and behind your screens
50. leave thoughts behind
51. like a night frost in the soul
52. look how everybody walks on water
53. dame money used to dance in a golden gown
54. masts lie around in rags and filth
55. observers who share the same viewpoint
56. medicine water from the ocean of oneness falls
57. talking about you is like talking about silence
58. i like the employment security
59. by seeing the ancient one as he really is

how the rock awoke

  1. eternal perfect beloved

    even with all its puzzles and enigmas
    the world is a place of revelation
    where every secret ultimately comes to light.

    you say, "this is my world.
    i created it in order to know who i am.
    i service it in order to experience who i am.
    i pull the plug on it when i'm totally satisfied.

    everything and everyone in the three worlds is self
    pretending to be other than self by hiding
    behind a disguise of paired opposites.

    one single self is real, paired opposites illusion.
    oneness cannot be left behind or departed from
    but only appear so.

    i am indivisible oneness and all its apparent
    divisions into pairs of opposites."

    problems become solutions
    suffering becomes joy
    ignorance becomes wisdom
    helplessness becomes power
    fear becomes courage
    shame becomes satisfaction

    no matter where the beach one walks
    nor the height of the mountain one climbs,
    no matter how far from the shore one goes,
    one remains always on an island
    surrounded by an ocean of love's revelation.

    how the rock awoke

  2. eternal perfect beloved

    not wanting to die, not wanting to be born,
    we all work so hard to get what we don't want.
    beloved baba, our god, our guide, our guru,
    will none among us awaken, then?

    you are a perfect parent, you allow us to be free
    yet you are there when we need you.
    your silent gestures make sense of enlightenment
    better than words make sense of ordinary things.

    we take body because we want to know who we are.
    the kind of body and circumstances we're born into
    reflect who we think we are.

    meeting ourselves in different appearances
    in worlds of mystery and misery,
    our false selves bow down to real self.

    seeing you and in fact being you in reality,
    serving you and in fact serving ourselves in illusion,
    your royal everywhereness melts the world in love fire.

    we break the thought barrier and enter
    the naked truth under the robe of thoughts.
    dualities no longer cover the essential unity of reality.

    all victories are hollow except the final one
    which is the total loss of self in self.

    how the rock awoke

  3. eternal perfect beloved

    you are the end of the line, the end of the red thread;
    going everywhere, it goes no further.

    the seeker finds you
    only after exhausting every other road;
    finally in you one is born to immortality
    by dying to the births and deaths of ordinary life.

    real death slays false death;
    false birth delivers real birth.

    you are solid, beloved,
    world upon world stand on you
    with no sign of sinking or slippage.

    one lives ordinary life in a state of free fall
    tumbling through a cloudy sky;
    hearing about you clears away the clouds.

    at the moment of meeting you
    one smacks the earth with finality,
    so solid are you.

    one knows when one gets there because it's solid.
    for the first time in 8,400,000 lives
    one hits something that cannot move.

    you're really firm,
    more solid than any granite ever thought of being;
    one puts one's feet on that base.

    one cracks one's eyes to see what the world looks like;
    now one sees everything
    sitting on the same solid base of you.

    how the rock awoke

  4. eternal perfect beloved

    you are the sperm which fertilizes the world egg
    where it lies in the womb of mind.

    without you, no birth;
    the world would just grow older and older
    without bringing forth anything new.

    because of you, the world gestates
    and gives birth to something totally new.

    we fall asleep into the masculine mystery
    and wake up in the feminine.

    because of you,
    clarity arises in the midst of these mysteries
    according to the law of love.

    how the rock awoke

  5. eternal perfect beloved

    when one merges with you
    one merges with the entire creation also
    which is the expression of your imagination.

    such creativity!
    it surpasses one's every expectation
    and becomes at last one's wildest dream.

    you hide behind a veil woven of opposites in mind
    and were it not for your great beauty
    one might forget to remove that veil
    and feast one's sight on your unspeakable loveliness.

    how the rock awoke

  6. eternal perfect beloved

    if you were not one, the sky would fall
    down around our feet like socks without elastic,
    she would be all barbi doll
    and he would be only fun with a gun.

    if you were not one, the earth would turn
    over and catch us in a net of roots.

    if you were not one, words would run
    out of our ears, staining our shoulders
    and money would ooze from our armpits
    all day as we slept in our dream.

    because you are one, love and law wear
    the same costume under their nakedness.

    how the rock awoke

  7. eternal perfect beloved

    something in your face
    tells time in measurements of eternity.

    it is everywhere and in everything,
    not your human face that draws us
    back again and again to your images,
    rather your real face, the face of self
    which hides behind the masks of duality.

    your beauty casts such a light
    that even gross ugliness gets a pleasing look
    and the long tear of human history
    in the end turns out to be an ocean of love.

    your face is the clock of eternity.

    how the rock awoke

  8. eternal perfect beloved

    you empower the impossible:
    to be awake while asleep
    to be everywhere while nowhere.

    value and scarcity are intimately linked;
    as most scarce of all, your value
    exceeds all pearl, gold and diamond.

    the only meaning is loving you
    realizing you, serving you,
    the only reality is being you.

    how the rock awoke

  9. eternal perfect beloved

    your anonymity and quiet presence
    protect us from the wrath of fanatics
    who use the avatar's words to justify cruelty.

    the institutional ego commits unspeakable crimes
    under the rubric "for god and country,"
    and fundamentalism is mere politics.

    you ask the impossible:
    you ask us to love hate and let hate win
    at least in the short run.

    you who allow yourself to be exploited
    sooner or later you melt everyone's heart.

    oh taste his love on the heart's tongue,
    this bittersweet medicine of love's bliss.

    how the rock awoke

  10. eternal perfect beloved

    you say you love both sinner and saint.

    when i'm taken up in saintliness
    you rub my face in sin,

    and when i get interested in sin
    you demand i open up to saintliness.

    your love makes me whole in both.

    how the rock awoke

  11. eternal perfect beloved

    you tell me to love god
    by loving those whom i cannot love;
    they are great teachers with their hatred and injustice
    that makes the skin crawl with loathing.

    i want to run away to someplace neat and clean
    but you want me to stand my ground and love.
    even as my cheeks are ripped away one by one
    you urge us to love even those who harm us.

    nothing awakens as much fear
    as the darkness within myself;
    it always exacts a high price in suffering and loss.

    people whom i cannot love
    mirror the unloveable in myself.
    can a broken heart also love?
    you say yes, only a broken heart can really love.

    the innocent heart is full of charm
    but the scar binding a broken heart
    is full of real love, real forgiveness, real acceptance.
    there is place for wholeness in both.

    how would i know the beauty of love
    if i didn't recognize its opposite?
    how would i know the disgust of hatred
    if i didn't recognize affection?

    loving the hateful forces me to acknowledge
    that you, being all, are the source of hate as well as affection.
    to accept you i must drop my hate of hatred

    and clasp that filth to my breast.

    oh beloved, if you were you and i were i
    it would be so much easier to keep myself clean
    but you are me and i am you in real oneness
    and this filth is undeniably my own.

    how the rock awoke

  12. eternal perfect beloved

    i used to keep myself alive
    because i thought i was worth living;
    though flawed i was good enough and getting better.

    every accident and lapse of intelligence
    undermined my will to live;
    every mistake and outright failure
    weakened me and cast shadows of doubt.

    successes and triumphs swung the balance
    back the other way and made it seem right
    to support myself and promote my own thing;
    little skills and good luck sealed the case.

    now i live because he is good enough
    he who is my real self, the real dweller
    behind my appearance of success and failure;
    he is perfect, my perfect self, i live for him.

    my silly ups and downs, the stuff of illusion,
    no longer make or break me;
    good and bad luck, appearances of right and wrong
    do not influence the one i live for,
    my real self, he who is perfect, my self perfect.

    how the rock awoke

  13. eternal perfect beloved

    i must have disturbed god in my last life;
    beloved, do i owe you disturbance
    in the bank of karmic balance?

    please forgive my trespasses
    and allow me to pay in full.

    it must have been you who inspired
    my neighbor to open a sawmill
    just a few yards across the road from my living room.

    you really cut me down to nothing
    as the blade screams through birch logs.

    all day piece after piece drops to the ground;
    i'm anxiously dreading another kind of scream,
    fingers that fly off and eyes that die.

    my effort to become dust at your feet
    makes my heart feel like a boulder.

    i have a personal relationship with power saws:
    i don't like them - not the sound
    and especially not the danger of teeth in bone.

    now you're sawing my fear into small pieces
    and feeding them to the karmic fire of your intense love.

    it's hot, beloved, but that's okay;
    i'm willing to sweat an ocean, if need be.

    how the rock awoke

  14. eternal perfect beloved

    duality is hell, unity heaven;
    these fields of opposites grind against each other,
    milling love in consciousness.

    heaven and hell exist only when i create them
    by ignoring the eleven commandments;
    thus i create hell in a hurry.

    honoring them with all heart and soul,
    paradise descends around me
    like a golden rain on a sea of gold.

    how the rock awoke

  15. eternal perfect beloved

    the shame of inadequacy
    does not go away
    when covered over
    by accomplishments.

    it must be aired
    in the light of day
    and owned and honored
    and melted away.

    how the rock awoke

  16. eternal perfect beloved

    if anyone sees love and perfection in me
    it's only because you are love and perfection.

    not only have i received them from you
    but the person who sees them in me
    has also received them from you.

    neither of us deserves these gifts;
    real love closes its eyes to issues of merit.

    real love brings its own merit
    and confers perfection on the loved one;
    in that perfection the loved one becomes perfect.

    how the rock awoke

  17. eternal perfect beloved

    your uncaused and purposeless whim
    created the universe
    and gave me life with a goal and purpose
    which is to realize you as my own self.

    having realized that you are the "i am"
    and the beyond "i am"
    of every being including myself,
    my life no longer has goal and purpose.

    i live your whim as my daily life.
    if i had a purpose it would be
    to live more whimsically and free
    to live ever more your divine whimsy.

    how the rock awoke

  18. eternal perfect beloved

    craving nothing, not asking for anything
    but to love you more and serve you better and better
    and still yet better,
    i celebrate our birthdays, my 55th, your 100th.

    you have already given me everything in one total gift -
    you gave me yourself as my self.

    you held nothing back.
    now let me hold back nothing in living
    the remainder of this life
    exactly as you would live it.

    mind never exits all-inclusive spacious self
    no matter how far it wanders -
    all appearances prove to be nothing other than self.

    blinded by light and color, ordinary eyes don't see you;
    eyes with vision see you everywhere,
    no matter whether open or closed.

    your 100 years turn the world away from suicide
    and fill the world with the consciousness of perfection.
    your medicine heart heals the world's empty breast.

    the constant fall of your golden rain
    over all the earth and throughout the three worlds
    transforms the all-pervading ocean itself into gold.

    how the rock awoke

  19. eternal perfect beloved

    one hundred years old!
    now there's a laugh,
    you who cannot be measured
    except by one.

    armies of zeroes after you,
    hordes of zeroes in front of you
    have no effect, change nothing,
    add nothing, subtract nothing.

    at your birthday party
    you are the only one present.
    you arrange it, you provide the building,
    the refreshments and the entertainment
    and you enjoy it all.

    while we in our fog of illusion
    pretend we're doing these things.

    how the rock awoke

  20. eternal perfect beloved

    baba's hundredth birthday celebration
    has a blade like one of those bulldozers
    that push snow into a heap at the corner of the parking lot.

    as it moves across the space,
    snow builds in front of the blade
    and gets manoeuvred into a huge pile.

    baba's blade dozes the layer of shame
    that lies like snow on everything in mind.
    as the celebration comes closer, the heap grows
    with every pass of his dozer across the lot.

    all the hopeless inadequacy swallowed behind tears
    piles up a huge mound in a convenient corner
    of consciousness out of the way of traffic.

    oh sun of mastery, meher baba,
    this anniversary brings real spring
    with real rays that free the life-giving water
    frozen in his heap of shame.

    how the rock awoke

  21. eternal perfect beloved

    if i fall on my knees before you
    it's because you make me free.

    if i fall on my face before you
    it's because you make me love.

    let all joyful voices ring your name,
    let all mighty hearts fill to bursting.

    one single total thank-you-self of gratitude,
    how can i serve you more and more?

    how the rock awoke

  22. eternal perfect beloved

    the entire creation unfolds as a dream
    which constitutes the mind of god
    as the will of oneness to self-reveal.

    when one wakes up one discovers
    that one is god the dreamer
    as well as the dream in all its color.

    one sees all the avatars are god
    oneself is god and you too are god,
    whoever you are who shares these words.

    as you become aware of the dream
    you increase your search for the dreamer,
    looking everywhere, not forgetting the heart.

    again and again the avatars
    give the key that opens all locks,
    freely they distribute it.

    despite overwhelming impressions
    of the impossibility of being god,
    you have all the answers in yourself.

    how the rock awoke

  23. eternal perfect beloved

    some fog in mind makes thoughts seem real
    but only a fool navigates by half-seen
    and almost seen markers.

    only one remains when the weather clears.

    realization of who i truly am
    arises from the firm foundation of who you really are,
    all surrounded by a simple landscape of what it really is.

    oh beloved, paramatma, only you allow no ambiguity
    and permit nothing unclear to persist in mind.

    how the rock awoke

  24. eternal perfect beloved

    i give the world to you, beloved,
    and you give it back to me.

    if i don't give it to you, i don't get it back.

    if it's not yours, it's not mine either.

    how the rock awoke

  25. eternal perfect beloved

    even good toys are set aside;
    even this world full of hollow promises and heartbreak
    loses it charm and fun,

    even this spinning world
    with its billiards behavior.

    what's the sport of hollow promises
    and where's the amusement in heartbreak?

    oh beloved, you recommend an attitude of disgust
    to break the world's spell.

    you promote love as the ground rule
    and you promise all will be winners in the final inning.

    you hide and seek and challenge us
    to find you as our own true self.

    the winner's final score amounts to 3 in 1.

    how the rock awoke

  26. eternal perfect beloved

    all straight lines become circles,
    all circles become points,
    all points become one,
    and beyond all foreseeable expectation
    that one also becomes one.

    the page disappears into the pencil,
    the pencil disappears into my hand,
    my hand disappears into my mind,
    and my mind disappears into god.

    complaint turns into acceptance,
    acceptance turns into support,
    support turns into love,
    and love turns into self.

    the lesser leads to the greater
    which leads to the greatest
    until it arrives mysteriously
    at the unspeakable beyond comparison.

    how the rock awoke

  27. eternal perfect beloved

    shadow comes together with light
    unless there's nothing present to cast a shadow;
    if there's nothing to cast a shadow
    the light itself remains invisible.

    light is soul, god is light;
    minds are forms that stand in the light
    making both themselves and the light visible
    and of necessity also casting shadows.

    the forms in awakened minds
    are as transparent as clean glass,
    giving the impression of being there
    and not there simultaneously.

    how the rock awoke

  28. eternal perfect beloved

    when old games have lost their charm
    and new ones no longer tempt,
    the glamor is gone.

    this dream of worlds
    and worlds within worlds goes on forever
    feasting till the heart is content.

    god-the-beyond is unconscious;
    the creation awakens god to consciousness
    with the universe serving as scaffolding.

    the human being who realizes god
    on the path of return to oneness
    makes god god-conscious.

    how the rock awoke

  29. eternal perfect beloved

    buddha gives the impression there's no god;
    he emphasizes each person can reach the highest.

    concepts of god block the way,
    just as presently in the west
    people think "i am god" to be ridiculous.

    everything is permeated with buddha nature
    literally immersed and completely soaked in it
    but one cannot see it
    before merging in the profoundly one.

    concepts of voidness and emptiness don't help;
    they are themselves immersed in buddha nature
    which is beyond conception.

    you are that imperceptible unconsciousness
    of which consciousness is made
    and by which it is sustained.

    whether the buddha calls you no-self
    or krishna calls you self,
    reality remains unaffected by the words;
    only labels change.

    experience the beyond-experience
    and know what words cannot say.

    how the rock awoke

  30. eternal perfect beloved

    the golden rain of grace
    falls in the all-pervading ocean of oneness
    every drop itself an ocean, every drop a pearl,
    until the flood of oneness drowns the whole world.

    occasionally someone fortunate
    finds a pearl among the golden drops
    in the beloved's omnipresence;
    that one learns how to climb the pearl tree
    and treasure its unfathomable fragrance.

    now and then in a blizzard of gold
    someone gratefully discovers the diamond
    which never appears on the fingers of wealthy wives;
    that indestructible diamond drop seed of a body
    lives in the diamond world's infinite ocean.

    drowned in this ocean of grace,
    the diamondropearl is the silence of self,
    the jewel of its adornment.

    how the rock awoke

  31. eternal perfect beloved

    mind can remove veils of misunderstanding
    and bring one to the point of certainty

    but mind cannot gaze directly
    on the face of divinity.

    dual mind is mind-blind;
    duality divides the sight of oneness.

    standing on the shore, however,
    mind no longer doubts the ocean.

    how the rock awoke

  32. eternal perfect beloved

    not during subject's courtship of object
    but later, after their marriage,
    they give birth to unspeakable oneness.

    in reality such opposites have not yet arisen
    or else they have arisen, courted, married in imagination
    and disappeared in actual union
    where they rest in superconscious peace.

    marital squabbles never disturb that peace;
    marriage bonds opposites so thoroughly
    that they disappear in union.
    that silence opens one's eye to reality.

    how the rock awoke

  33. eternal perfect beloved

    discover the soul's first face
    behind the mask of thoughts,
    the same way one goes into sleep,
    not by doing but rather by undoing.

    entering that unconsciousness
    which must lie at the center of consciousness,
    one comes into nirvana,
    the source of nothing as well as everything.

    one goes into sleep unconsciously
    under a blanket of addictions;
    one comes into nirvana fully conscious of that silence
    which must lie at the center of sound.

    go to sleep in an old bed of talking masks,
    wake up in a new one wrapped in the beloved's face.

    how the rock awoke

  34. eternal perfect beloved

    your grace has rained an ocean;
    nothing remains of dry land.

    water has soaked everything
    within the golden dampness of your love.

    the entire inexhaustible ocean rains grace
    in the mind, heart and will of your lovers.

    it leaves the colors shining
    and the surfaces clean and pleasant to touch
    as river stones.

    how the rock awoke

  35. eternal perfect beloved

    who would recognize your golden silence
    if you didn't ring these silver bells?

    the music of angels melts the heart
    but your silence satisfies the heart's deepest longing.

    whether we sleep in its arms like an infant
    or whether it wakens us into eternal sleeplessness

    your silence is pure love without purpose or cause
    in the absolute freedom of divine self.

    how the rock awoke

  36. eternal perfect beloved

    listening for the word of silence
    that announces your presence,
    my silence meets yours,
    mixes with it and melts into it.

    greeting you in the silence,
    reconciled and washed
    in the silence of your love,
    silence cannot say mine or yours.

    how the rock awoke

  37. eternal perfect beloved

    even in the midst of all noise
    your silence sounds.

    it sounds like the flute of krishna
    whose soft and compelling music
    blends all sounds in a way
    that harmonizes their rawness
    and symphonizes their irrelevance.

    sounds put ears on your silence
    that hear what silence says:
    the light in its head,
    the love in its embracing heart,
    the goodwill in its belly.

    the tinder of your silence causes combustion,
    beloved, that ignites the sun in the inner sky.

    how the rock awoke

  38. eternal perfect beloved

    how does one know the difference
    between false and real silence?

    false silence separates the stick from the drumhead
    until new dancing calls for a beat.

    real silence swallows the "problem of opposites" whole
    in a maw of immeasurable proportions;
    it's never heard from again.

    false silence dreams quietly;
    real silence is sound asleep.

    how the rock awoke

  39. eternal perfect beloved

    there are two kinds of silence:
    the silence of nothingness
    and the silence of oneness.

    the silence of nothingness is temporary;
    the silence of oneness is eternal.

    the silence of nothingness is related to
    the silence of oneness in the same way
    a picture or a statue is related to its subject.

    how the rock awoke

  40. eternal perfect beloved

    when goodwill replaces anger,
    strangers meet.

    when gratitude replaces greed,
    acquaintances become friends.

    when love replaces lust,
    friends become mates.

    how the rock awoke

  41. eternal perfect beloved

    samadhi without realization is yoga,
    samadhi with realization is nirvikalpa.

    the difference between them is great:
    yoga samadhi takes refuge in nothingness,
    nirvikalpa samadhi unites all in oneness.

    yoga samadhi sets impressions temporarily aside,
    nirvikalpa samadhi wipes them out forever.

    after yoga samadhi personality returns like after sleep
    exactly where it left off beforehand.

    after nirvikalpa samadhi personality returns,
    if it returns, purified and forever sanctified by god.

    how the rock awoke

  42. eternal perfect beloved

    in the beginning, love for the mother
    at the end, love for the father.

    in the beginning, worship of form, body
    and the beauty of the senses;
    the mother nourishes like food
    as she's consumed by the lover.

    at last, the father eliminates
    whatever has become burdensome;
    he flushes away the stuff
    that blocks effective functioning.

    how the rock awoke

  43. eternal perfect beloved

    why ask where new souls come from
    when there's only one soul in all existence?

    a trick of mind makes it seem that many souls
    emerge from and re-merge into the profoundly one.

    the manyness of oneness is illusion;
    the oneness of oneness is real.

    how the rock awoke

  44. eternal perfect beloved

    by the law of boddhi all is one,
    meaning everything is one,
    nothing is one and one is one.

    by the laws of manu all is flux
    within the relative behavior of opposites,
    requiring positions of judgment.

    the truth of boddhi never changes
    whereas the wisdom of manu
    shifts and moves under the impact of history.

    all knowing finally disappears in truth.

    how the rock awoke

  45. eternal perfect beloved

    time stands quite still as the days fly by
    with name and number in constant spiral.

    they expose how the rock awoke,
    weaving on the loom of duality
    whose threads disappear every night.

    without division into polarities
    energy would lie flat;
    as long as dualities exist
    heaven and hell must also exist.

    forty days and forty nights of your golden rain
    floods the old world in divine love;
    it washes away the spirals of ignorance, grief and greed
    from the face of the planet.

    the geology of awakening reveals
    the slight-of-mind which creates dualities;
    heaven and hell disappear in the moment of unity
    like darkness into a mirror.

    as in a day so also a lifetime
    and so also the lifetime of a soul -
    a day, a great day, and a universal day.

    how the rock awoke

  46. eternal perfect beloved

    hearing the beloved's names and seeing his image
    works like sunshine on unripe fruit,
    plumping it up with flavor and giving color.

    a single day's sunshine doesn't fully ripen a fruit,
    a single hearing of the divine name
    or contemplation of the divine image
    doesn't ripen a soul in the lord's garden;
    a full season is required to perform that miracle.

    oh my friends, you may be lost
    but the landscape knows exactly where you are.
    just concentrate on the beloved
    whose reality is as pure as sunlight
    and ignore the maya that attempts to grow
    on everything like moss.

    the source of mind is self,
    the absolute wholeness of impressionless oneness,
    call it what you will - nirvana, oversoul, god the beyond.

    thought is the concept of separation into dualities,
    feeling is the subjective experience of separation;
    mind is both thought and feeling taken together.

    truth alone is undivided oneness;
    all that really exists is non-existence.

    how the rock awoke

  47. eternal perfect beloved

    the "big bang" happened
    when unconscious god
    conceived the first thought,
    which was the question "who am i?"

    scientists with instruments and words
    can pretty well explain
    how the answer arises
    as gas formed, cooled
    and solidified into the universe.

    the question "who am i?"
    has lost none of it's power -
    ask and see!
    finally it brings you
    back to your source
    in unconscious god.

    because the universe
    came into form
    and lived every answer
    to the original question,
    you consciously return
    and re-live the source
    of its unconsciousness.

    how the rock awoke

  48. eternal perfect beloved

    god lies behind consciousness in such a way
    as to be its source.

    you don't see god because you don't see
    the source of consciousness.

    you identify yourself with the content of consciousness
    rather than its source.

    when finally you discover the source of consciousness
    you discover your real self which is divine.

    you see that the source of consciousness, self,
    is not really different from its content, yourself.

    yourself is clearly self;
    the first is clearly modification of the second.

    modifications are temporary and unstable
    whereas the source is forever unchanging.

    the mystery lies right here;
    only failure can come from looking outside oneself for god.

    how does the changing and temporary content of
    consciousness arise from the unchanging permanent source?

    how does yourself arise from self?
    how does illusion arise from reality?

    how the rock awoke

  49. eternal perfect beloved

    look under your rugs and behind your screens,
    check the inner recesses of your closets and cupboards,
    explore attic and cellar.

    at the center of even every false thing
    you find your real self;
    nothing can be found at the center of anything
    other than real self.

    when you finish studying "what is it?"
    you turn full attention to the study of "who am i?"

    the search takes on many appearances;
    while god searches for himself
    it looks like human beings are searching for him
    and it looks like i'm searching for myself.

    examine oneness until the one appears
    in naked love and silent truth and universal peace.

    once you see that one
    the mirror-worlds of illusion become obvious.

    how the rock awoke

  50. eternal perfect beloved

    leave thoughts behind
    like ants at a picnic
    and take up delicious blissfilled oneness.

    savor the flavor of infinite freedom,
    let not a single crumb be lost.

    how the rock awoke

  51. eternal perfect beloved

    like a night frost in the soul
    that withers the gorgeous flower to the root,

    the poisonous feeling of smallness,
    sore as a boil on soul,
    erupts as anger and madness
    that shouts and threatens and damns.

    whether or not you believe in god,
    god believes in you;
    if your problems were really problems,
    god would solve them.

    why not allow yourself to be limited,
    without shame of inadequacy,
    understanding the creation to be
    an expression of necessary limitation.

    like a couple of girls who find a trunk
    of mom's old clothes in the attic,
    take pleasure in trying on all sorts of ill fitting
    and antique costumes.

    caught on the hook of illusion's double dealing,
    there's no way out except through the heart.

    how the rock awoke

  52. eternal perfect beloved

    look how everybody walks on water
    as if it were solid.

    whoever manages to sink to the depths
    recognizes the unreality of surface and shore.

    stars and planets drown in their tracks;
    not even a single drop ever spills
    from the moon's full cup.

    take a sip for heart's sake.

    how the rock awoke

  53. eternal perfect beloved

    dame money used to dance in a golden gown
    and she knew well how to behave in public
    but now she strips and jiggles all over town.

    she can be seen pulling every kind of trick
    in this system that rewards greed,
    punishes anger and buries its face in lust.

    from a quick look around
    one gets the impression that greed wins
    and only money is real.

    here's a message for all moneypumpers:
    if you don't buy your own shadow
    you can't bring home god for keeps.

    how the rock awoke

  54. eternal perfect beloved

    god intoxicated pilgrims called masts
    lie around in rags and filth, unaware of their own shit;
    inwardly they are clean and sterling
    with hearts full of love for god.

    the inner life of the worldly successful, on the other hand,
    despite their tailoring and expensive underwear,
    resembles the outer life of masts.

    captains of their own concerns have license to kill
    for survival, for overcoming enemies and even for pleasure;
    each cook spices the world stew to suit his own palate.

    history watches with eyes everywhere,
    wanting to know the many kinds of wealth,
    what is a wakeup call? how does a thought get started?

    the realization of oneness incinerates history;
    in fact one's self is the answer one seeks.

    oh overflowing heart,
    would you rather be in charge or in love?

    how the rock awoke

  55. eternal perfect beloved

    observers who share the same viewpoint
    obtain the same observations.

    scientists define viewpoints with accuracy and precision,
    therefore they observe and duplicate the same events.

    when the intuitive and social sciences
    codify and quantify their viewpoints
    with precision equal to the physical sciences,
    they will also agree on similar descriptions of the universe.

    when scientists wish to get real answers
    they will shift the thrust of their inquiry
    away from the source and functioning of the universe
    to the source and functioning of consciousness.

    consciousness does not know its own source.
    how can a tool be properly used
    before it's fully understood by the user?
    a curtain of thoughts hides the source.

    consciousness is a modification of oneness
    which recognizes its own unique oneness
    and is capable of realizing the oneness of the whole,
    which is god.

    how the rock awoke

  56. eternal perfect beloved

    medicine water from the ocean of oneness falls
    as a golden rain in the head and heart and belly of mankind.

    more subtle than humidity, finer than space,
    medicine water is the blessing of your inseparable oneness;
    it carries the ocean of oneness in every drop.

    it slakes the heart's thirst for love,
    it satisfies the head's thirst for truth
    and it stills the belly's thirst for peace.

    in the hands of god I'm a shuttle
    weaving together west and east
    with the unbreakable thread of oneness.

    dip my pen in the golden rain
    that the ocean itself flow through it
    with the experience of oneness in manyness
    and words that name the one which has no opposite.

    uncork the bottles of love
    and pour a draft for the thirsty;
    wherever there are many, there also is the one.

    how the rock awoke

  57. eternal perfect beloved

    talking about you is like talking about silence,
    the words themselves obscure the real meaning
    but the world cannot have too much praise for god
    nor too much adoration of the truth.

    drowned in the golden water of love-truth-peace,
    may it flow through this pen onto the page
    in equally golden words
    and write the ocean on mankind's heart.

    you speak with one voice, delivering one message
    tailored to every size and shape and taste.

    i hold myself in readiness to speak
    and write the words only you can author.

    how the rock awoke

  58. eternal perfect beloved

    i like the employment security
    of being assigned an impossible task.

    not only the rest of this life
    but countless lives to come
    will not give me time enough
    nor sufficient experience
    to catch the truth in words
    or write the love you really are.

    my job won't be completed until
    all the statements of language
    are reduced to a single sound
    and that syllable itself be heard as silence.

    then i can lay down my pen for good
    and retire with peace of mind.

    how the rock awoke

  59. eternal perfect beloved

    by seeing the ancient one as he really is
    i see myself as i really am;
    staring directly in the face of oneness
    gives the only true view of how one looks.

    the reality of who i am is the source of all that is.
    coming from you, i can do anything;
    without you, no doing at all.

    with gratitude for allowing me to see you
    in everyone and everything,
    now i desire to please you before all others
    by pleasing you in all others.

    even as you lived your life
    in such a way as to please god-in-me,
    let me live my life in such a way
    as to please you-in-all.

    how the rock awoke

eternal perfect beloved

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