eric solibakke

by the grace of god
through the guru energy
of swami muktananda and meher baba

Agora Press HTML Edition
February, 1999
1976, 1999 © eric solibakke


knock on wood
hang that fruit upon its tree
the right path appears
786 pearly gate road
lifetime cry


in the tribunal of the heart
nobody's ever guilty

the name of the game is the game of names
the name of the game is the name game
the game name is the same name

being like him
is like being him


universe is simply
a metaphor for god

erato , bhakti , bhava
devotion , worship , love
water , air , genitoheart


farout mother too much alone
nagamama atcha chrysoprase

the edifice of knowledge
is built from the brick of mistake
oh ma confusion ! how you grow us up

experience is the ore of understanding
mind your vein
refind your vein
turn your vein into artery

we have as many failures as successes
our failures are temporary
our successes are permanent

learning is a kind of play
unlearning is a kind of work

oh ma confusion ! how you grow us up

in matters of goodness
self-interest is the same
as the general interest

in matters of finance
no interest is most inner resting

build us a raft
to sail on the sea
and see and see and see

dwell on the christ
til he hardens to rock

peter peter peter

dwell on the christ
til he turns to stone

zen is go to bed at night
wake up in the morning

peace on earth
om on earth

when we keep cool now
our whole future's filled with cool
we have cool forever

apples do not disappear off earth
just because one apple gets rotten

apples do not disappear off earth
just because a million apples
get rotten every year

apples do not disappear off earth
apples are immortal sweet wood

hymn is short for anonymous
port news
report olds
newspaper repeater

we are what we love
just like god

peter john david paul
who was saul

we get our freedom
from a well
called it's all ready here

our everywhereness
nothing extra
nothing free

when the well runs dry
it falls from the sky
rain rain rain

my two and yours too
two and too make three
we are a crowd

wordsticket to woodstock
wordos wholers
ballusions whealearthgardners

the oracle of eachother
third eye , fourth ear
supple as sunshine waxtalk

here comes momma
up the path on four feet

here comes poppa
down the path on four feet

night boy day boy
work all night
sure feels good
sitting here alone

family of david

night boy day boy
dream all night
sure feels good
sitting here alone

family of david

night boy day boy
family of david
sure feels good
sitting here alone

ego makes the mantra cloudy
ego also unmakes it clean

when sitting , our footstool
when standing , our dancefloor

for the salvation of all beings
i can live , i can die
live and die
live and die

like prometheus
christ , he of the cheeks
he of innumerable cheeks
beautiful cheeks

in the tribunal of the heart
sentenced to heal until well

Silly Bulls and Dog Growls


hang that fruit upon its tree
and enter eden again

wipe the tears from off your cheeks
and let truth dawn within

swords of truth are mighty keen
and cut both wrong and right

walk across the raging sea
and mount the further shore

four great angels lead the way
and call the dead to life

footprints of the breeze
walk over the water
like an image in a mirror
of the wind so invisible so changing

reflections of the forest
shimmer in the waves
and are lost and diffused
by messages inscribed there
of those who walk upon the water

while the crafty swans
tiptoe by on buoyant breasts
with necks the arch and reach
like the shepherd's crooked staff

the lovely galilean
tramples on the surf
to the arms of his twelve
through all that noise and terror
of aphrodite's pearled star atop the water

in order to put love in motion
in order to turn the wheel of love
in order to circulate love through innumerable centers
in order to multiply the awareness of love in fields of individuals

thunder off the press like herds of horses
destined to deliver far and wide
feet upon the road
telegraphs in codes of four beats per measure

we forgive ourselves
our holy mother's birthpains
narrow channels forced open
for the rush of all these lessons to be learned
for the smart of all these fires in tender flesh
and pass beyond forgiveness to peace

to win is to lose
to lose is to win all

it is not mine
it is all yours if you want it
here , poor woman of troy
take your wreckt son

some give orders
they are blind
they make disorder

some maintain order
they cling
they make false order

some inspire order
they are natural
they embody order

carpenter joseph
builds us a ship
and caulks it tight
and rigs for sea
with balanced hull that floats
through any storm

carpenter joseph
builds us a house
and lays it well
and roofs it strong
with lovely walls around
the room inside

carpenter joseph
builds us a door
and planes it true
and makes it plumb
with double doors that wing
both in and out

carpenter joseph
builds us a stair
and fits the steps
and makes them so
with railings running up
until the top

carpenter joseph
builds us a table
and cuts it square
and joins it neat
with equal legs that stand
firm on the floor

carpenter joseph
builds us a bed
and carves the head
and shapes the foot
with husband's loving care
for wife and child

carpenter joseph
master of tools
and brings his wife
and brings his son
we've ordered up a feast
for everyone

Silly Bulls and Dog Growls


the right path appears
within the multiplicity of wrong paths

the wrong paths become the right path
by movement of learning from experience

the opening motion of learning
unifies wrong and right beyond duality

the experience of conflict resolves
into the illumination of understanding

the saving power of truth is unlimited
becoming honest with myself
releases all solutions
and resolves into guidance

truth is creative
a mind's link with creativity is truth
the hand's creative touch is truth

when the identification if i-ness
is with the transient , the i seems transient

when the identification of i-ness
is with the eternal , the i seems eternal

red yellow blue rainbow body
red body of physical blood
yellow body of sun in motions of night and day seasons
blue body of unchanging cause of all

the physical body as big as earth
the emotional body as big as the solar system
the causal body as big as the galaxy

three lords of karma
the lord of the possession illusion
the lord of the individuality illusion
the lord of the power illusion

not by force , not by drudgery
does perfection manifest within

encourage ourselves in ways to express affection
adults clean up their own messes
serving others , we serve ourselves

accept as beloved guru
every thing and event
every being and situation
with devotion and attention

free will and the will of god are the same
it is the will of god that man have free will
but a man has conditioned will until he frees himself
by uniting his will with the will of god , which is free

Silly Bulls and Dog Growls


book rich earth suffers from inflation
like the proliferation of valueless money
in countless rewrites of the same old thing
simplified for readers who cannot hear

the river of ink flowing through presses
arises in the high springs of world scripture
in a landscape which remains with us as the past
like a faroff mountain white scarfed , mist wrapped

whatever is creative arises out of the original creator

the sound of water traveling to the sea
reservoir of all rains
the river action from mountaintop to sea depth

river action , returning to the sea
a movement on the surface of deep ocean
windswept from the north

language is yet another mandala
language is a mandala in the medium of sound

mandalanguage muses lightfoot to apollo's forminks
on mount firenose and mount cool near earth's omphalos

just as rain action washes and refreshes
falling in countless spheres of diversity
just as river action gathers together and returns
just as ocean action unites vast reserves
just as cloud action mounts effortlessly
to the source of diversity
so the circulation of sweet water , earth model
so the circulation of lovenergy and joy

ordinary language is the logos ,
the creative sustentive destructive word

poetry is language which transcends itself
how it arises in silence and comes into the physical world
speak out in truth
shadows and reflections appear sharpest in bright sun

poetry arises in the world as a divine gift
to uplift and guide for the relief of suffering

poetry arises at the pleasure of divinity
to express the joy a self realization

songs of healing
songs of joy
songs of alignment
spontaneous songs
songs of perfection
songs of expression
songs of wellbeing
songs of wisdom
songs of instruction
songs of response
songs of unity
songs of humor
crazywisdom songs
songs of acceptance
songs of independence
selfevident songs
songs of simplicity
divine luminous songs
medicine songs
marvelous songs
songs of warmth
songs of love
songs of truth
songs of peace
songs of center
songs of concenter

selfrealized world    moving perfect    be
selfrealized world    moving perfect    is

who you think i am
depends on which words are used to say it

number seven : the law of harmonic distribution

for every voice that arises in praise
a voice arises also in blame
balanced in worlds of conflict
the essence of understanding is unity

meditation means full attention

whatever we be doing
whatever we be feeling
whatever we be thinking

at this moment
may that yield

may all mistakes become
beautiful ornaments
on the map of liberation

wet wood fire in december
sitting in the nose cone of a prairie schooner
with fifteen yardarms on a tall metal mast
smoking signals in the wind

intelligence is complex
wisdom is simple

six senses : to touch

primal unity
circles of unity
within the circle of our unity

1 precipitates as the center of 0
1 gives rise to 2 which is 1 set of opposites
2 gives rise to 4 with is 2 sets of opposites
4 gives rise to 8 which is 4 sets of opposites
8 gives rise to 16 with is 8 sets of opposites
16 gives rise to 32 and so on

3 precipitates as the center of 2 which is 1 set of opposites
3 gives rise to 6 which is 3 sets of opposites
6 gives rise to 12 which is 6 sets of opposites
12 gives rise to 24 which is 12 sets of opposites
24 gives rise to 48 and so on

5 precipitates as the center of 4 which is 2 sets of opposites
5 gives rise to 10 which is 5 sets of opposites
10 gives rise to 20 which is 10 sets of opposites
20 gives rise to 40 and so on

7 precipitates as the center of 6 which is 3 sets of opposites
7 gives rise to 14 which is 7 sets of opposites
14 gives rise to 28 and so on

9 precipitates as the center of 8 which is 4 sets of opposites
9 gives rise to 18 which is 9 sets of opposites
18 gives rise to 36 and so on

11 precipitates as the center of 10 which is 5 sets of opposites
like 1 precipitating from 0
11 gives rise to 22 which is 11 sets of opposites
         1 (1+10) gives rise to 2 (2+20)
22 gives rise to 44 and so on
         2 (2+20) gives rise to 4 (4+40)

13 precipitates as the center of 12 which is 6 sets of opposites
like 3 precipitating from 2
13 gives rise to 26 and so on

15 precipitates as the center of 14 which is 7 sets of opposites
like 5 precipitating from 4
15 gives rise to 30 and so on

17 precipitates as the center of 16 which is 8 sets of opposites
like 7 precipitating from 6
17 gives rise to 34 and so on

19 precipitates as the center of 18 which is 9 sets of opposites
like 9 precipitating from 8
19 gives rise to 38 and so on

21 precipitates as the center of 20 which is 10 sets of opposites
like 1 precipitating from 0
21 gives rise to 42 and so on
         1 (1+20) gives rise to 2 (2+20)

23 precipitates as the center of 22 which is 11 sets of opposites
like 3 precipitating from 2
23 gives rise to 46 and so on
         3 (3+20) gives rise to 6 (6+40)

25 precipitates as the center of 34 which is 12 sets of opposites
like 5 precipitating from 4
25 gives rise to 50 and so on
         5 (5+20) gives rise to 10 (10+40)

                   9   18
   21             8          15
     20   10   5           14
         11       4       7    
       22            3   6   12   24
     23           2            13


at a place where two streams flow together
a sky full of lights

living in a sewn house of cloth
arranged from orderly threads
unwound from petroleum's ancient trees
like a ship's garment
to open a path between raindrops

rejoice in our similarities
take interest in our differences

whenever out of center
go clean up some mess ,
wash something , make the bed ,
mend a garment or fix a broken tool ,
remembering that our distractions
likewise vanish into order

muscles have memory

the five skandhas , "aggrates which make up individual
existence" , trungpa rinpoche


the six vijnanas :

   the six vijnanas

the six transcendental actions of mahayana :

   transcendental actions

myths are poemaps
mapoems are myths

he who is the disciple is the master
he who is the learner is the teacher
he who is saved is the savior

the one whose name is all names
the one whose form is all forms

singing sky

the river of changes pours down out of the sky
making gigantic weather with streams tearing the shore ,
the stupendous cloudburst last a night and a day

songs about everything at once

smoky waters at sunrise
dawn with rosy fingers
removes a firewoven wrapping
from the river's foamy shoulders

the expanding breath of water
rises up on the sun's caressing palm

the river glows like coals
foaming fire river

the thumbs of open eye

from the snugness of my bed
thank you
from the fullness of my belly
         thank you
from the wholeness of my body
                  thank you
from the clearness of my head
                           thank you
from the realness of my heart
                                    thank you

east discovers human being and human technology
west discovers divine being and divine technology

western civilization
judeo-christian heart
helleno-islamic head
greco-latino-anglo-saxon throat

sitting by a four legged barrel
full of hot light

some buddha arrives wearing cubic spectacles
encrusted with tear salt like snowflakes ;
when he waves his blissful hand
everyone present enters into understanding

full moon in february
the river runs silver
from a mountaintop
covered with snowy white sixes
womb of rivers


the written word is the skeleton of knowledge
the sound of the word is its living flesh

the sound of the word
is what the philosopher doesn't know
because he does not sing it

philosophy talks about ideas
while poetry embodies them

the smoothflowing idea of circulation
replaces the ratchets of give and take


february fifteen , full moon
three yellow krokos flowers in full bloom
a half opened one , others on the way
first spring peeper tunes the night's treble

line of Greek writing
hay dia pason chordon symphonia

the through all strings symphony

breaking through a blockage
gives pain to some people
joy to some
gives the impression of pain to some people
the impression of joy to some

from your point of view when i show you a blockage
it's like confronting you with a great wall

from my point of view when i show you a great wall
it's like pointing out the pearly gates

i point to a gate
you see a wall

the sounds of wind separating chaff from seed
the chaff flying away like dead leaves
the seeds heaping up windrows of dunes
like sand in the sparkling creek bed

the season of air , moss green north

it gets so cold the butter breaks
and honey bends the spoon

walking in a starpark

make a garden
cultivate it
harvest in time

egocentricity in a field of wants and wantnots

everything lies all ready
on the luxuriant palm of god's love
what need to step away from this seat
to correct such selfevident perfection

relaxing power

symbols are subtle energy objects like words
which are patterns of electric circuitry
that plug into the overall current of experiences
to interconnect them or modify them
in various ways recognized as meaning

the undivided one

thinking that i don't know
is just as big an obstacle
as thinking that i do

hanging out in the center of the cross
with jesus and a couple of thieves


the heat of attention
generates the fiery light of direct perception

                   9   18
   21             8          15
     20   10   5           14
         11       4       7    
       22            3   6   12   24
     23           2            13


two-ended as a tree

all doubt is self-doubt
all criticism is self-criticism
all anger is self-anger

laughing thumb

seeing nature appear
as the mandala of god's presence
as the mandala of liberation

comes the night

mirrors flatten mountains
mirrors level valleys

raging truth burns out petty lie

the kriyas of childhood growth
look just like ordinary life

nothing is sturdy
unless made of love

everything is instant

our father is the one who enters into creation
in order to give birth to us
he is the completion of what we do not see
he is the wholeness of each perfect thing
he is the everpresent gift too simple to grasp

when i was a child they asked me
what i want to be when i grow up
i answered i want to be an adult

when i was a young man at the university
they asked me what i am interested in
i answered i'm interested in experience

air cools me
water wets me
fire burns me
knife cuts me

everpresent gift

the illusion of separation lies at the root of all despair

the proliferation of apparent differences
lies at the root of creation

the different qualities of creation
belong to the creator
when one beholds the before-creation ,
unborn , unseparated

wounded with this knowledge
the immortal kentaur sage
longs to die

by the action of pilgrim's feet
may this mountain be worn flat

in this vast self
everything i encounter is me
given freely to each dimension
to support its changes

at first i cry
and search the waste
like demeter with kore gone

the landscape of nature enters in
and becomes the natural interior landscape
the interior exactly as the exterior
indistinguishable , unified , one

when this wholeness of intellect
moves into my heart ,
he is not departed
he is not gone
he is here among us
he is us , we are one

the beauty of the morning
so bright with illuminated mist and sunfilled water
like a river of molten light
that we squint and blink
and rub our smarting eyes

the sperm enters the ovum
creating the perfect one celled person
until the cell divides in two
and two divides in four, four into eight ,
eight into sixteen , doubling , doubling
and so arises the trunk of the tree of life :
one , two , four , eight , sixteen

                   9   18
   21             8          15
     20   10   5           14
         11       4       7    
       22            3   6   12   24
     23           2            13



centered in the ancient silence before words
centered in the immediate silence between words
centered in the fresh silence after words

the sound of words
comes out in the daylight
and goes inward at night

comes out in the daylight
to weave the great human city of meanings
goes inward at night
to dip the well of want and wantnots


i am a seed of the tree of life
plant me in your heart's garden
my fragrant shade sweetens the afternoon

plant me on the bank of your river
wet rock and shining mist bathe me

plant me near a roadside seat
where the voices of travelers nourish me
as they stretch out on my healing leaf

raindrops are the buildingblocks of rivers

the eightspoked wheel of completion
rolls along the perfect octaves
at the speed of seven changes per cycle

enlightenment is a ladder we are all standing on

after all philosophy goes home to bed
poetry arises ,
words filled with power like lightning and thunder

is writing poetry the same as taking some kind of form ?

the form of salvation in words
the wordform of the everlasting
the sound of liberation
the soundform of unity with the one who possesses all qualities

wakan tanka , tunkashila , onshimala
grandfather spirit , pity me , so that my people may live
                                             -- lame deer

what comes before understanding is just plain being
before concepts or comparisons
before points of reference
all is that , the divine substance

ordinary speech is a nation's daily prayer
in ordinary speech the people's poem sounds

i am mister feedback
sometimes it hurts
to come around me

a vulture appears circling overhead
screaming his cry in two voices ,
gray with a band of lighter feathers
across each wing at the outer tip ,
circling clockwise calling his two-headed song
he disappears to the northeast
over the wooded ridge downstream

the treetops to the east
glow with the last rays
of sunset in the west

the river runs silver
among its reflections

with bees like flying roses

love is like getting out of my own way

ten thousand things
ten thousand words
ten thousand hairs
upon god's crown

i looks a lot like one
but i is two

i looks a lot like two
but i am only one

i is before , between , and after all forms
i is before , within , and after all forms

everybody except god is just pretending

hephaistos smartarms

the root fear of this incarnation
is fear of being misunderstood ,
misunderstanding giving rise to pointless separation ,
all separation arising in misunderstanding
as if maimed and made a fragment
by some swift accident of understanding

there isn't anything you have to do to get realized
except stop doing all the things you don't have to do

i'm just a secretary for the lord ,
typing letters , answering the phone
fixed in the unity of all worlds and all nonworlds


the form of god is wholeness
and he manifests as the wholeness
of everything within and without us

the energy of wholeness
the energy of completion
the energy of unity
the energy of perfection

drawing in the breath of wholeness
like an arrow pulled back on a bow

unity underlies duality
glorious as sunfilled raindrops on leaves
when clouds part and let the colors in

alive in the self-revealing universe
where every event spontaneously reveals its eternal aspect
everything self-evidently related to the whole
every part a whole , every fragment a whole

godful world

sunrise covers the water with sheets of fire
sliced by the trees' sharpedged shadows


every soul in the universe
is in the hands of truth
the relentless selfrevealer

the present is our gift

living in the womb of holy mother
passing through holy mother's birth door
washing and wrapping in holy mother's hands
lying in holy mother's arms
sucking at holy mother's breast
gazing in the face of holy mother

evergreen light falls through the pines
golden sunlight cooled by evergreen shade

shady rain

dining at the lord's table
this is the last supper

one god with many names
one religion with many names
one truth with many names
one love with many names

every situation invites no limits
every predicament offers opportunity to be unlimited
every dilemma presents the opportunity
to pierce walls and make gates

a river falls from the sky like rain
out of an overhead rock like a cloud
full of deep voices like thunder
and sparks of mighty color like lightning

rainbow morning

with one hand
the rainstuffed river
move a bridge aside
while the other hand
delivers firewood

umbrella house around a circular floor
with fifteen ribs gathered together
at point sixteen overhead center
where father and son meet

get in the center

the center of what ?

the center of the wheel

what wheel ?

the wheel of the seasons

what seasons ?

the season of germination mountain
the season of flower fire
the season of fruit ocean
the season of seed wind

a shower falls at sunset on equinox
the rainbow centers in the east
spring follows winter like a spoke

relax everything
except what i actually need
to do with i'm doing

seeing god holy motherfather
is like seeing an orchard in a handful of apple seeds
wheat fields in a slice of toast
the bush ablaze with green leaf and flower

originalman settles down to raising adults


in the quiet of this tipi
whatever i say
echoes in the quiet within you
as love
to enable you to understand
what you already know
by direct experience

be prepared to die immediately
be prepared to live forever

unmuffled love

spring alights on the bare branch like green birds

the unity of the lord's wheel
carries him through all worlds

movie music

as soon as i laugh at myself
i have an uproarious time

distinguish between myself and my packages
overcome my conditioning , be free

everything is all right in the larger sense
if it appears in the smaller sense to be not all right
then let the larger sense prevail over the smaller

knowledge is an infinite unit
wherever i look for it i find it
i can become absorbed in it for eons
without finding an end of even one science
every science generates a multitude of new sciences
everything that knowledge can turn up
remains within realms of relativity

myth means no division between physics and metaphysics

meditation means dealing directly with god

naked lovers on the warm rocks
while i watch the unraveling of the influence
that runs energy through these loins
like kentaur wine and satyr drunk

being received and appreciated
aphrodite with your himation

what we experience as reality
is thought charged with emotion

the law of inheritance

equations from the book of is

i am that
that is i

one i speaks through all creatures


so the lord sews a pattern of suffering
on your garment , does he ?

god is the one we love so much that everything is ok

living in the ant's sky and the bird's basement
frail as a butterfly in this vast forest

from the point of view of this great unity
formlessness is yet another form
the zero is feminine , just like 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 10

spherical mirror mind some seven feet in diameter ,

give or take one


updown sea

wisdom — which knows and sees
divine wisdom — which analyzes right and wrong
divine luminous wisdom — which extracts the pure essence
                                          — guru bawa , zikr

everybody is out playing store
nobody is home for lunch

whatever i try to become
is just god pretending to be something else
everybody except god is just pretending

it is never so hard to find anything
as when i'm searching for it

spring is the season every secret
opens to the light of day

juicy earth turns on her axis
roasting to perfection in solar fire
the wood warms and softens in succulent leaf

respect anger as a guru

at a time when everyone else praised me
anger appeared in the form of a child
who directed my attention to my own childhood
and there exposed my family tradition
that i carried around in my muscles
planted there in infancy by parents
and cultivated by endless repetition

whenever i get angry at a child
it is the anger of my parents
passing through me like a chain gang
from generation to generation
passing the anger along

well, the anger stops here become love

the nine knowledges
at the center of every cycle
sing and dance at achilles' funeral games

achilles is dead behind the dog
with persephone to talk to
and teiresias

die until dead
the death with revivifies

i make no demands on you
what makes demands on you is your love for me
in that love all perfections spring forth ,
circles of equality

big hug day

love is the principal cause and continuing unity of all ,
being wholly love is being wholly cause
and wholly united throughout all
like the tone that sounds clear in a chord


free in god's loving will


new moon sky smiles


evil is just another name for immaturity

in place of evil and good
i see young , mature , old and dead

eating shadow

the sound of four hands clapping

all is hell
all is well

ordinary nature is the definition of perfection
just as my ordinary self is the presence of god
no event takes place outside of god's interest

palimpsest house with layers of writing on the wall

intergalactic body

love is the greatest destroyer of ignorance
love is the name of god's unity
wholenesses go to the heart and lodge there


om is a very large prayer arising from a very small source

god says i am god
angel says i am angel
bodhisattva says i am bodhisattva
man says i am man
avatar says i am avatar
cherub says i am cherub
prophet says i am prophet
goddess says i am goddess
father says i am father

we are the supreme example for every other animal

walking on a purple carpet of mint blossoms

to learn is to recreate

learning is god's recreation

sometimes i see a person start learning from me
at the moment he sees me learn from him

process is continuing action
learning is process
process generates opposites
the learner and the learned
the seeker and the knowledge

the beach of sand blades honed by falling water
in a state of perfect i don't know

no reason to be uptight about anything
even with it looks like there is

consulting the journal of cause and effect
the scientist experiments with himself ,
his proofs demonstrate the limits of his grasp of nature
rather than any limits of real nature itself

the moon waxes and wanes from west to east

sky clean

lines full of no disagreement

come from beyond the place of disagreement

merely to say i am is to say i am god

we are free to be limited
we are free to be unlimited

such is the absolute freedom
god gives us all

the war came and went
and left us dead and dying


walking on a five petaled white
carpet of wild strawberry blossoms

ashram earth



alas , saving people is just another power

the master comes and makes one sanskara
that crosses over all the others

i am an ordinary person enjoying my ordinary self
i'm free because i love you and my love sets you free
the moment i set you free i set myself free
if i do not set you free i can't set myself free either

i'm ordinary
everybody else is special

my happiness is not at your expense
it is a deposit in your account

cloud artery
whose breath the universe blows in the nose

undone into the smithereens of our wholeness

now moves

in your hate your enemy finds a weapon to use against you
in your love he can find no weapon at all

disarm your enemy with love

carry your limitations into a field of love
and they fall away and cease to exist

love removes limitations by embracing
the unity which limitations lack

otherness be same

mankind is an angel
whose paradise is earth
whose activity is its care


every word is god's name
every life is his offspring

other is self
self is other

bright as day sky

in the ninth year of eternity
beyond contraction and expansion

one foot nowhere
one foot everywhere

flesh hands empty
feeling hands empty
understanding hands empty

i resemble the sky that interpenetrates galaxies

my food does not die
my love allows everything to happen
my name is as is

the faults of others do not raise me up one iota
position is always measured by the divine absolute

pleasure brings no end to suffering
but only coats it over with a sticky sweet like frosting

i do nothing for pleasure
yet pleasure come to me from everything i do

toss off hate
like an old hat

pull on love
like a new glove

one physical body in the world
we all share among us

one circuitry of feeling-energy
we are all plugged into

one logic
means the same to us all

one soul is ours

bird walking
be careful not to step on any birds

soaring road
big voice bird

i may move to the kitchen to feed my body
i may move among friends and enemies to feed my feelings
i may move to the library to feed my mind
i may move into silent love to feed my self

centered in eternity
watching the space dance
of things that take place in time

sit sing satsang

all limitations are self-imposed

the most profound word in human speech is i
it contains the entirety of ignorance and knowledge

god is i
self is god

everlasting peace
infinite truth
boundless love

the spectacle of starry night

i am god

the spiritual trip is like a voyage around the world

the destination is the same as the departure place
and on the way are great mountains to climb and seas to cross ,
vast plains and cities ringing with unfamiliar tongues

before the trip one can only try to imagine
and upon completion of the trip , one knows

relax , be myself

what drives me to god
is my not knowing not caring not doing

upon arrival at god
i find myself all knowing all caring all doing

lights' winds

sundown firebath great wet shadow
out of midnight blows the noon wind
gold adorned mummy clouds in the south sky river
solstice sunset gold green centered north of west

summer solstice ends spring morning
at noon hour of the great day year
as the sun turns toward its setting at autumnal equinox
after three months of summer afternoon

the green line crawls up the spring mountain
the way the white line crawls down the autumn mountain

compassrose mind

sat                            chit                            ananda
power                        knowledge                   bliss
doing                         knowing                       caring
existence                   duty                            original state

the didactic revelatory apokalyptic
poetry of doing
poetry of caring
poetry of knowing

student of silence

when i was a child they asked me
what i want to be when i grow up
i answered i want to be an adult

when i was a young man at the university
they asked me what i'm interested in
i answered i'm interested in experience

when i was a grown man in the world
they asked me who i am
i answered i'm ordinary godself

blessed godself certainty
beloved godself unity
beautiful godself reality

baba is the self within us which embodies perfection

the waterfall's perpetual rainbow

on the wing of understanding
and the wing of love
we fly into the beyondbooks

myth is the history of the present

myth is narrative koan

by looking at the divinity in myself
i see divinity in every self

i sing to the indwelling god
at the center of every being

i speak to god dwelling within you
continuously evoking hisher all-inclusive viewpoint

the true love of entire god

Silly Bulls and Dog Growls


looking back , i see
i have committed every crime
fallen in every pitfall
made every mistake

how can i be called impure ?

just as all words of praise are less than truth
all words of blame are shallow mockery

the root fear of past incarnations
is fear of inequality ,
the secret suspicion of inferiority

three acres of sorrows
where the sea waves
beat against the subtle rocks of past experience

the eons of pain
in one grain of sand
bearing the footprint of gentle jesus

out of my fleshy muscle
drips the old poison of human ignorance
my melodrama
my oedipus with luminous eyesockets

in this pain is my awakening
the will of almighty love
and the mandala of all thoughts

the certainty of unity
penetrates the conviction of duality
and retraces the root of duality horror
until it returns to seed

this circumcised voice , twice naked
weeps tears that flow from close to bone
and behaves in ways designed to avoid anger
especially the anger of women

there i see her in my infancy
burning angry telling me much to my horror
that i am the cause of her suffering

self-confidence does not arise
from the idea that i make no errors

it arises from the conviction
that i can take the workings of right and wrong
in my stride

thus it can be said
self confidence arises from the experience
of surviving error

peace is the harmony of moving light
truth is the illumination of search light
love is self luminosity

the hands of the clock wave goodbye
to the hours of my sorrow from the past

with a crooked smile on its face
it sweeps a dozen numbers from my path

its subtle ticking laughter
offers refuge in the future like a womb

all life is attempts to confine god

meditation means to stop avoiding myself

i look for the sound of truth
the metaprogram of equality ,
the ruthful equality

i am the wholeness of mankind-womankind

no man ever gets liberated
without fully evolving the female
viewpoint within his consciousness ,
just as no woman ever gets liberated
without fully evolving the male
viewpoint within her consciousness

liberation means to pass beyond
identification with gender
into the sphere of wholeness ,
into pre-gender unity

channels of power
structures of knowledge
networks of bliss

i give to others
what my heart desires
for myself
and i receive from others
my heart's desire
by the golden law
be with others as i wish others
to be with me

love of god is self love
that includes all others as self .
nothing is ever left out of god's love

boundless love gives boundless energy

mountains of detachment
oceans of enthusiasm
suns of illumination
blows of realization

with a blasting bless of silent light
i enter silence
and open the eye of sound

nothing can be said or sung
as loud as silence

Silly Bulls and Dog Growls

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