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To see things as they are is to grasp their real significance as parts of the manifestation of the One Life, and to see through the veil of their apparent multiplicity is to be free from the insistent obsession for anything in its imagined isolation and exclusiveness. The life of the spirit is to be found in comprehensiveness which is free from clinging, and appreciation which is free from entanglement. It is a life of positive freedom in which the spirit infuses itself into matter and shines through it without submitting to any curtailment of its own claims.

The things and the happenings of this earthly existence are looked upon as foreign only so long as they are not engulfed in the advancing tide of comprehensive spirituality. When once they find their right place in the scheme of life, each of them is seen to participate in the symphony of creation. Then the expression of spirituality does not require a separate or exclusive field; it does not become degraded by being concerned with the ordinary physical, intellectual and emotional needs of people. The life of the spirit is a unified and integral existence which does not admit of exclusive or unrelated compartments.

The life of the spirit is an unceasing manifestation of divine love and spiritual understanding, and both these aspects of divinity are unrestricted in their universality and unchallengeable in their exclusiveness. Thus divine love does not require any special type of context for making itself felt; it need not await some rare moments for its expression, nor is it on the lookout for sombre situations which savour of special sanctity. It discovers its field of expression in every incident and situation which might be passed over by an unenlightened person as too insignificant to deserve attention.

Ordinary human love is released only under suitable conditions. It is a response to certain types of situations and is relative to them. But divine love which springs from the source within is independent of stimuli. It is released, therefore, even in circumstances which would be looked upon as unfavourable by those who have tasted only of human love.

If there is lack of happiness or beauty or goodness in those by whom the Master is surrounded, these very things become for him the opportunity to shower his divine love on them and to redeem them from the state of material or spiritual poverty. His everyday responses to his worldly environment become expressions of dynamic and creative divinity which spreads itself and spiritualises everything to which he puts his mind.


DISCOURSES, 6th ed, Vol 1, pp. 125-127
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