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Margaret Craske

Norina at one time did a great deal of work among persons of worldly importance in spreading some knowledge of Baba's work.

Among those she called on for this purpose was the great scientist Einstein. She called on him and a happy situation was at once established when he told Norina that during her period of starring in London as the Virgin Mary in "The Miracle", his daughter had had such an intense admiration for her performance that she had spent time hanging around the stage door hoping to meet her. He was therefore happy to meet Norina and because of this she felt easy in talking of Baba.

At that time she was going through a stage of explaining to everyone that Baba's love caused enormous changes of consciousness in those who came in contact with Him and it was from this angle that she approached Einstein.

Finally when she came to depart, Einstein smilingly said, "Princess Matchabelli, if this man can change the consciousness of my cat so that it does not catch birds I will believe in Him."

Norina did see the humor of this remark and told me the story with much enjoyment.


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