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Bhau Kalchuri

Baba ordered all of the men to come to Him after they had washed their feet. He then bowed down to each one and asked their forgiveness for any hurt feelings He may have caused them and in turn He forgave them for any mistakes they may have committed.

He then told them, "During the period between October 16th, 1949, and March 1st, 1950, I have committed consciously and deliberately one big mistake, and I want the companions to kick me so that God forgives me." From each of the companions in turn, Baba received a stout kick, but He did not disclose the nature of the big mistake.

Baba ended by warning the companions to try their best, sincerely and honestly, to follow the conditions of Plan III 100 percent. This would require them to be sawadh (alert) around the clock.

"If I find you committing mistakes consciously," He explained, "I will not check or correct you. For the next two or three months, I will not even draw your attention to them, as I and you will go on a furlough of two months. After this period, I will, according to the efforts of individual companions, either send you away as a defaulter or make you lead either Plans I-B, C or II. This decision will help me make sure that I have not compromised my oath and conditions during the furlough period, which will not have any concern with the conditions that are to be followed 100 percent. It will only be concerned with the individual efforts, alertness and sincerity of those of you under plan III."


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