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Part Two

Meher Baba



         Real        (5)    Divine Awakening,
                      |      i.e. Sound Sleep
         Real        (4)    Divine Dream,
                      |      Turiyaa1, i.e.
                      |      the seven planes 
                      |      and their manifestations
                     (3)    ordinary sound sleep
        False        (2)    ordinary dream
        False        (1)    ordinary awake state

Footnote 1 to Diagram: (Gujarati word) Turiyaa, the "fourth" state.

Now about the saint's mind:

It passes upwards from the sound sleep state to the Real Awakening (and not downwards to the false awakening) (this upward and downward etc. is only [an] illustration for the understanding) [and It] has to pass [through] a dream state. This dream state is the middle point of two kinds of sound sleep, i.e. nos. 3 and 5 (both being states of sound sleep); but no. 51 means Sound Sleep in the Awake State.

So this crossing point between the two, i.e. no. 4, is the state of experiencing Divine Dream and is called the Turiyaa2 State.

Summary: if the ordinary mind in the awake state disattaches itself (i.e. turns back from, i.e. forgets) from the body and the world (i.e. for that time gives up enjoying and experiencing the world through the body) and concentrates on the Divine, it is said to have started from the ordinary sound sleep (no. 3) to the Divine Sound Sleep (no. 5). And from its going from 3 to 5. (i.e. from its advancement in the concentration), it has to pass through the Divine Dream state (i.e. seven planes) till it reaches the Awakening Sound Sleep (no. 5), where [there are] no dreams, only Sound Sleep = Light.3

Footnote 1: The phrase that follows — "means Sound Sleep in the Awake state" — and the last two lines of this page both show clearly that Baba means here to refer to state no. 5 of the diagram on p. 29. In His haste to write, Baba seems to have "misspelled" the numeral "5" with a "3" by displacing to the left the final top horizontal stroke. The marginal annotation "(?5)" in an unknown hand in the right hand margin of this line in the original text confirms this observation.

Footnote 2: (Gujarati word) Turiyaa, literally "fourth."

Footnote 3: (Gujarati word) Prakaash.

NOTE: Footnotes have been re-numbered from the original text to provide clarity in the absence of Baba's handwritten manuscript.


IN GOD'S HAND, pp. 81-89, ed. Ward Parks
[Referring to pages 32-36 of Meher Baba's Manuscript]
2000 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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