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Keshava Narayan Nigam

Chief Worker in Hamirpur District

And at last came the 18th of November 1952. At about 10 a.m. that day the footprints of the Avatar fell on the land of Hamirpur town. Humanity at large rushed and gushed to have His Darshan. Upto the 27th of November Meher Baba gave His Darshan to the public at Hamirpur town, Ingohta, Sumerpur, Meherastana-Mahewa, Mahoba, Moudaha, Kulpahar, Panwari, Rath, Nauranga, Jarakhar, Dhagwan, Amarpura, Dhanouri and Bandwa.

Thousands and thousands of men, women and children took Baba's Darshan, received His Prasad, and listened to His messages.

At village Mahewa there was no suitable place for Baba's stay, so we constructed a small Kacha (mud) hut for Him within 10 days after returning from Meherabad. It was erected on a raised mound standing in the midst of wilderness away from the village. A short account of this Kuti (hut) has been published in the 'July-August' issue of the Meher Pukar, in 1960.

Baba felt very pleased to see this hut. On that mound outside the hut He washed the feet of fourteen boys, each of fourteen years of age, put His head upon their feet and gave fourteen rupees to each one of them in the morning of 22 November 1952.

During the Darshan programme on 22nd of November Baba wanted to specially see my wife and children. They appeared before Him in their garb of poverty and hardship. Parvardigar Baba looked at them with deep mercy, and I felt as if He bestowed upon them something indescribably precious. He asked in a mysterious manner the age of my infant daughter Meher Sri!

In the afternoon of 22nd November 1952 Baba gave His Public Darshan in Mahewa where I offered to Him the welcome address on behalf of the "Cosmic-Meher-Family". Baba was pleased to hear it and He drew me to His heart. He also walked into the village and gave Darshan to many families in their homes.

In the morning of the 23rd Novmeber 1952 during the Mandali meeting in the courtyard of Meher-Astana I read out to BABA for the first time the lines of Meher Chalisa. Baba was moved to hear them and asked me astonishingly, "Have you composed these lines?"

I said, "Yes."

Baba said again, "I feel touched by them; they have touched my heart deeply!" Baba's whole Mandali also felt greatly moved by it.

In the afternoon of 24th November, on the way from Mahoba to Rath I got the opportunity to sit in the car with Baba. On the way Baba said to me, "You must go to Delhi with me."

I replied, "I will surely go, and if you so order I am ready to be with you always."

Then Baba said "I know that. I have that in mind. You are one of the few whom I think necessary to be near Me for My work."


© Mrs. Sudha Keshava Nigham, Dr. Meher Jyoti Kulshreshtha


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