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Rhoda Adi Dubash

In August of 1954 Meher Baba was in Satara, and I was visiting Panchgani, a hill station a few miles away, with my two sons. On 30th August, Rusi Billimoria, the cousin whom I was visiting, and another friend from Panchgani were going by car to Satara for some work. I decided I couldn't pass up this opportunity, so I asked my cousin to let me accompany them to Satara and drop me at Grafton Villa, where Baba was staying.

As we approached Satara, I was suddenly filled with misgivings. What would Baba say about me dropping in unannounced? What was I thinking of? But then I assured myself that I needed to see Baba and tell Him what I had wanted to tell Him at the airport in Karachi two years earlier. In any case, it was too late to turn back. As we approached Grafton Villa, I asked Rusi to stop the car a short distance from the gate of the villa.

I got out of the car and told Rusi to come back for me in the evening. By that time I knew something of Baba's ways, and I thought if the car waited for me, He would see me for only a few minutes and then send me packing. But without a car, I would be helpless, and Baba would have to take me in. "Everything is fair in love and war," I concluded, and when the car was only a tiny speck in the distance, I walked to the gate.

Rano Gayley, one of the mandali, appeared and asked me what I wanted.

"I've come to see Meher Baba," I said.

"He doesn't see anyone," answered Rano.

"That's all right. Just give Him a message. Tell Him that a lover of His has come from Karachi to dedicate her life at His feet."

Rano's hand shot out over the gate, and we shook hands. "Wait a minute," said Rano. She went into the house. A few minutes later she returned and said, "I've given your message to Baba. He is very happy and He wants you to come to Rosewood Cottage at 2:00 this afternoon."

I was overjoyed. "Could you tell me where Rosewood Cottage is?"

"Why? Don't you have anyone to take you there?" asked Rano.

I was all innocence. "No, I'm sorry, but I'm absolutely alone here."

"Wait a minute." Rano went inside again.

I waited, certain that Baba would call me in. But a few minutes later Dr. Goher appeared with her bicycle and said, "Baba has asked me to take you to Kohiyar Satarawala's house and to give him Baba's instructions to bring you to Rosewood Cottage at 2:00."

"Well," I thought, "you can't say I didn't try." But what could I really have expected? Baba is the Avatar and He is always one up on us.

Kohiyar, another follower of Baba's, was overjoyed to see me, as this would give him a chance to have Baba's darshan too. Soon we sat down to eat lunch, but I couldn't wait for it to be over, as I was so eager to get started. "Come on, let's go," I said repeatedly. So Kohiyar and I set out on foot, tracking through the fields until we reached the main road. Suddenly we saw a car approaching at full speed, honking. Kohiyar stopped abruptly. "It's Baba!" he said. "That's His car."

The car drew up to where we were standing, and Eruch leaned out the window on the driver's side. He smiled at me. "Couldn't you wait until 2:00?" he laughed. "Well, in any case, Baba has sent His car. He told me it was too hot for you to be out walking, and He said to take the car and bring you."

"Where does Baba sit in the car?" I asked.

"The front seat," Eruch replied.

I jumped into the front seat and rode in silence toward Rosewood Cottage, deeply touched by Baba's thoughtfulness and His concern for my welfare.

As we drew up at Rosewood, Eruch said, "Go in. Baba is waiting for you."

We entered the main room, and for a moment I couldn't see Baba, as my eyes hadn't adjusted from the bright light outside. And then I saw Him, sitting in an armchair on one side of the room. Love radiated from His whole being. As I approached Him hesitantly, He opened His arms, and the next moment I felt His embrace. There are some moments in life when one cannot find adequate words. For me this was one of those moments. Suffice it to say that time stood still for me in the embrace of my Beloved. Love, beauty and peace flooded me. I had come home.

Baba gestured for me to be seated at His feet. He said, "Your love makes Me very happy."


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