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Princess Norina Matchabelli

It is the end of a Cycle in Evolution. We know that the spiritual awakening of the world gives new evidence in exchange of consciousness. The urge in mankind to see and find Truth is deep and creative. The new intuition in man to know and find God within, is pure. The time in its divine outward phase is sure in pain, pure in lure to move out of darkness.

We need to rely on the alive performing example of God. We can no more be sure with the deluding impersonal experience within. We can no more rely on second-hand information. We have no further proof than our own self-deluding experiences of the mind. We have no further individual ambition in our own human than to be 'I' and to magnify the 'I' for the 'I's' sake.

We have exhausted ourselves in love emotion, and our love's motive is barren, cold, unsatisfied. The need in man to love more unselfishly is imperative.

We are stranded by established theological dogmas looking backwards on past Gods. Man is jealous, in competition of the Saviours of others. They create churches and religions to exploit individual devotion. Man's spiritual impulse has become sterile. Blinded and beaten by the outward sensationalism of life, and the mental creative tendency to exaggerate, man has lost the vision of simplicity of the heart.

We need to realize the Truth. We need to see impersonal devotion. We need to feel sincere kindness. We need to realize virtue without self-satisfaction.

We want to see true charity which is giving in full conscious accordance with the knowing heart. We need to see pure sacrifice which redeems. We have to learn how to render love for hate. We have to recognize the law's supreme pure work through the opposites. We have to recognize the mind's stagnant views of false and good.

We want the free interpretation of good. The wonders of Divine Love have been brought down to us through the Gospels, but again and again mankind longs for the tangible example of that divine impulse of joy, like Krishna with His benign wonders of mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, and the selflessness of Jesus.

The reincarnation of the Love Master of all time is alive amongst us. He is gradually unfolding in the immature heart of man, the divine immutable Grace of Love. Near Him, we, who come from all parts of the world, meet on the only unprejudiced ground — the merciful Heart of the Beloved. This Universal Heart that expresses its divine existence through the vehicle of the unselfish Perfect Human we need to worship.

Shri Meher Baba professes and practises today, in eloquent silence, the awakening of the consciousness of the heart. The indivisible bond in man will be aware in Being. The new design in Being is to unite in the One Only God. Men, of all castes and all religions, will see the manifesting 'Only God' in the new conscious form in Being.


MEHER BABA JOURNAL, Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1938, pp. 19-20, ed. Elizabeth C. Patterson
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