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The following is in reply to your query on longing, wanting and attachment.

Longing, wanting, and attachment stem from the original urge of the Infinite Self to know its Self.

Longing and attachment go hand in hand with wanting to know one's Self. But in the process, multifarious experiences of the opposites generate, ad infinitum, identifications with the falsity of one's self, until it eventually attains truth and realizes the Self.


To begin with, One longs to have everything, wants to have everything, and is attached to everything.


Then a time comes when One longs to have some things, wants to have some things, and is attached to some things.


After which One longs to have something, wants to have something, and is not attached to anything except to that something which one wants and longs for.


Then there comes a time after many, many multifarious experiences of opposites when One longs for nothing, wants nothing, and is attached to nothing.


Ultimately, when one is totally stripped of even the attachment to nothing, wanting even nothing is shed and true longing dawns for the One — for the Truth.


This longing is to love, adore, obey and surrender to the Beloved Lord. Such longing is bereft of any wanting and attachment.


One now longs truly for the Truth that the Beloved is, and it is this longing that negates all wanting and attachment.

Therefore, longing for the Beloved is the only longing worthy of its name and the only longing where wanting and attachment have no place.


LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol 1, p. 40-41, ed Jim Mistry
1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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