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Meher Baba

I am infinitely intelligent and beyond intellect. I am infinite in Bliss, but every moment I am crucified. And yet I am one with you. I am the only One. You are all in Me and I am in you all. Once you get the experience, that ONENESS PREVAILS.

Baba has no objection to your meeting saints or paying respects to them or keeping connection with them. For Baba, they are all in Him. If one of you thinks that a particular saint is a great saint, you should pay respects to him. I don't see why you should not do so. You ought to pay respects.

For all the groups I will be telling the same thing. Although divided into groups, for Baba all are one. Regarding Mohammedans, Parsis, Hindus and Christians — for Baba all are one. Regarding Gujrathi, Hindi, Andhra and Maharashtrian groups — all of them — for Baba all are one.

If you want to know anything of God and to reach God, then CATCH HOLD ONLY OF BABA'S DAAMAN. IF you care for God and care for Love and if you have the desire for UNION WITH GOD, then the ONLY SOLUTION IS TO CATCH HOLD OF BABA.

If you want other things such as health, wealth, etc., don't come to Baba for these things. There are other saints who can pacify you regarding these wants other than God.


LIFE IS A JEST, p. 62, ed A. K. Hajra
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