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Bhau Kalchuri

In Satara I began keeping nightwatch near Baba from midnight until five o'clock a.m. One night Baba called me inside. He was lying in bed and making some signs. The room was dark and I could not see Baba's gestures clearly, but I saw both his arms moving and thought he wanted to embrace me. Feeling very happy, I bent down and spread my arms around him.

Baba's face took on a very astonished expression and he exclaimed, "What are you doing?" I quickly stood up! Then he said, "I asked you to cover my body with the blanket! What are you doing in the dead of night! I am alone here with you, and who is there to come to my rescue?" I felt abashed and covered Baba with the blanket.

The next morning Baba came to the men mandali's quarters. Pointing at me he said, "This man is peculiar. Last night I was feeling cold and asked him to cover me with a blanket. And in the middle of the night he began embracing and embracing me! I was so frightened I actually began to perspire. And being silent I could not call on anyone for help!" Baba chuckled as he re-enacted the scene (his frightened look and my open arms) and everybody laughed.

1984 © Bhau Kalchuri


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