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Bhau Kalchuri

The Lord's circle of 122 men and women assist him in his universal work. His circle has ten circles of twelve members each. The inner circle consists of fourteen — twelve men and an appendage of two women. Each of the nine other circles of twelve members has a specific number of men and women.

The Lord selects people to form his circle from out of the circumstances of his universal work. It is his universal work that determines which individuals he selects to be in his circle, because the post of each circle member is exact and has definite qualities. Certain characteristics are required to fill each post.

The post of each circle member is of an infinite nature, and that specific post is represented by an opposite of the Infinite Substance. For example, the Substance of God is of Infinite Truth, and its opposite is Original Maya, so there is one circle member who represents Maya. The Substance of God is Infinite Consciousness, and its opposite is Infinite Unconsciousness, so there is one circle member who represents Infinite Unconsciousness, Ishwar. The Substance of God is Infinite Light and its opposite is infinite darkness, so there is one circle member who represents infinite darkness, Chhaya, and so forth for all 122 circle members.

Each member of the inner circle represents the post which is an infinite opposite aspect or attribute of God. Each of the ten circles is linked successively with each other, according to the successive sanskaric links. For example, the second circle of twelve people is linked with the first inner circle, the third circle of twelve is linked with the second circle, and so on, as the tenth circle is linked with the ninth circle.

Infinite Original Maya is the opposite of God, and each opposite infinite aspect or attribute of God exists in Original Maya. Therefore, the post of Original Maya is the highest post, and that post is always held by a woman, who is representative of Eve or Vaikunth.

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