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Mehera J. Irani

One day Baba returned to Meherabad after having been away for some work and He called many of us from Ahmednagar for His darshan. We all were very happy. Several private horse carriages full of people went from Ahmednagar, and ours was drawn by Sufi, the white horse my mother had brought for me years before.

The road to Meherabad was, in those days, very, very quiet, not at all as it is now with factories and houses springing up everywhere. There were lovely trees along the road, many of which have since been chopped down, and riding in the carriage towards Meherabad all the countryside looked so beautiful to us. Because we were going to Baba, everything made us happy.

As we came closer to Meherabad we could see Baba standing on the Post office verandah. From afar Baba looked very lovely in the white sadra with His hair loose. We saw that Baba was looking out for us, and we felt so excited with that beautiful feeling of seeing Him again.

We all got down from the carriage and went to Baba on the Post Office verandah. We had Baba's darshan, and we girls then sat on one side of Baba and the elders on the other. Baba chatted a little with the older women, then turned around to us girls and asked, "What do you do all day long at Khushru Quarters?" There were many people staying in Khushru Quarters, and He wanted to know whether we were spending our time gossiping.

"Baba," we replied, "we keep to ourselves and stay in our room. We write and sew and wash our clothes, and in our spare time small Khorshed tells us stories about Manzil-e-Meem when she used to visit You there."

"Good," Baba said, "but now I want you to write the name of YEZDAN in Gujarati on paper in tiny, tiny letters for one hour each day." YEZDAN is one of the Zoroastrian names for God.

Then Baba told us, "And for a half hour each day you are to meditate. Take Zoroaster's photo or My photo and concentrate on it, think of the photo. When your mind wanders, don't worry. The mind is such that it will travel, so just bring it back again and concentrate on the photo." Our mind is always distracted, and in this way Baba showed us how to concentrate; how to think of the right thing. We were so happy to have our own beautiful orders from Baba!


MEHERA, p. 56
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