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Ben Leet (from a story told by Bili Eaton)

"Ours is the most intimate of relationships,
not even a shadow should come between us."
So he told one of his followers,
and leaned his ear closer so that
she could whisper into it.
She wanted to kiss it.
So intimate a gesture. Here was God,
busy with the universe and creation,
cocking his ear close to her lips so that
she could whisper a small disclosure
about an earlier answer that was not accurate.
Her clarification was not necessary,
and almost evaporated at his tender reception.

Another time while sitting alone in the boathouse
at night, thinking about a man who was always pleasing Baba,
watching the beauty of the lake under moonlight's spell —
who should walk in, alone, but Baba.
They sat quietly for a while,
till she mentioned her thought, and he agreed,
she not knowing which shone brighter,
the moon or his eyes.

And three or four other times alone with Baba.
In a hotel corridor, where she said, "I guess
I must have some good karma, I always find myself
alone with you." Once at Meher Mount while he
tried on an assortment of hats. And at the Holiday Lodge
where, out of perplexion, she asked if He were her
master, or if she was "on loan from another master?"
Eruch entered in time to translate as Baba
stood up, looked majestic before her, and said.,
"I am not only your master, I am your God."

What do we make of such stories?
Are they simply true, or fathomless or what?
What good luck she had.
Yet he says to every one:
"Ours is the most intimate of relationships,
not even a shadow should come between us."


POEMS TO AVATAR MEHER BABA, p. 43, ed. Ben Leet & Steve Klein
1985 © Manifestation, Inc.


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