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Don E. Stevens

On January 1, 1928, the fifty-second day of Baba's fasting and the twelfth of his self-imposed confinement, a majority of the boys began to break into tears at different times throughout the day. In the evening matters came to a climax. Each boy in the ashram burst into tears and began to sob as if all his dear ones had suddenly been reported dead.

For about one hour, between seven and eight in the evening, this awesome phenomenon held the onlookers spellbound. The tumult could be heard a quarter of a mile away from the ashram.

Attempts were made by those in charge to quiet the boys and to find out the cause of the outburst. But it was all to no avail. All seemed to be engrossed in crying, and deaf to all else. "Baba, Baba," were the only words which could be heard distinctly in all this tumult.

Finally the boys were brought close to Baba's presence, and with magical swiftness they became silent again.

(Adapted from Ramjoo Abdulla's SOBS AND THROBS)

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