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Arnavaz Dadachanji

When Nariman's grandmother visited from Karachi, she wanted very much to meet Baba. Although Baba was not seeing anyone or giving darshan at that time, He told Nariman to bring her to our apartment.

Baba was at the door with me when I opened it, and He embraced her. Grandmother, who was very tiny, could not see Baba clearly in the entrance, where they were standing, so she took His hand and led Him to the window in the sitting room.

When she got near the window, she looked up and just gazed at Him. Baba's smile was so delightful, as though He had just met a small child. He was very amused by her actions. Granny had an expression of great satisfaction on her face, as if to say, "Now I know what you look like."

Beloved Baba speaks to each on his or her own level; to a child He is a child, and to a philosopher He is a philosopher. He gives according to each person's individual needs.

One time Baba was giving darshan to thousands in our living room, when a central government minister, a man very attached to intellectually oriented spiritual pursuits, arrived.

It is an important custom in India to remove one's shoes before entering a temple or mosque or before approaching a spiritual master, so naturally this minister removed his slippers before entering the room where Baba was. As he approached to take darshan, Baba asked him, "Why did you remove your slippers? I am also in your slippers."


GIFT OF GOD, pp. 107-108
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