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Bhau Kalchuri

Baily was a disgrace to his family. Gradually in the course of several weeks, every former friend knew of his jail term and nobody wished to be associated with a convicted criminal — especially one who was an embezzler. No one trusted him and it was difficult for him to find work. Baily also had a hot temper, seldom could control his anger, and would get into fights. So his relatives had no sympathy for him, and he was met with a cold indifference.

He looked for job after job, but no one would hire him. As a few months passed, he tried to atone for his previous behavior but the community's attitude did not change. He was not forgiven and was finally completely ostracized. He became extremely depressed, and one day, after having a bitter quarrel with his parents when they called him a disgrace to his face, he decided to commit suicide.

The same day, Baily's brother Homi went for a drink at Merwan Seth's toddy shop. Casually Merwan Seth inquired, "Where is Baily these days? What has become of him? We used to write, but I haven't heard from him in over a year."

"Didn't you know? Baily has been in Poona for a few months," said Homi. "Didn't you hear? He was kicked out of the Navy for embezzling money."

Merwan Seth gazed seriously at Homi and told him, "No, I didn't know. Go and bring him to me at once! I will give you a round of drinks but bring him here immediately." Merwan Seth gave Homi money for a horse tonga and he raced home.

When Homi arrived at Baily's room, the door was locked. Homi called out but there was no reply. He pounded on the door and Baily said, "Whoever is there, go away!" His brother identified himself but Baily repeated, "Go away ... I don't want to see anyone!"

"Your old friend Merwan wants to see you ... Open up! Come with me and we'll have a toddy with him," Homi said.

"I don't want a drink. I don't want to see anyone ... Leave me alone!" shouted Baily.

His brother shouted back, "Open this door or I'll break it down! Merwan feels very bad that you haven't come to see him since you've been in Poona. I am telling you Merwan feels bad and wants to see you. He is still your friend, you fool! ... You must come, he insisted that I bring you at once. Now open this door or I'll break it down!"

A few moments before, Baily had been about to drink a cup of poison. He hid the poison, and reluctantly opened the door. Before he could protest, Homi grabbed him and dragged him outside on the waiting tonga, motioning the driver to return to Merwan Seth's. However, when they arrived, Merwan Seth had gone. Gustadji was attending the shop and informed them that Merwan Seth had just left on some urgent errand and asked him to tell Baily to please wait.

Baily describes in his dairy what happened next:

I had not to wait long ... Within fifteen minutes I saw him coming. At the time I was pacing outside on the road and no sooner he saw me, he came running and took me in his arms — embracing me warmly, kissing me over my face and neck. Tears came...

Merwan Seth embraced Baily so lovingly; it was as if no one else was as dear to him as Baily. Baily broke down; he had never before experienced such love. His family and friends had turned their back on him, but his old friend, Merwan, still cared about him. He had forgotten what love was. He was so overcome, he could not utter a word Baily stood silently looking at Merwan's face. Merwan had changed, he looked more normal than when Baily had last seen him but his eyes were still dazed.

Merwan Seth led him into the toddy shop and gave him a drink. They sat at a quiet corner table and Baily poured out what had happened to him. Hearing it, Merwan Seth admonished him, "Let the past be gone. Why worry about past wrongs? Every person has done something wrong ... God is there to forgive." Baily was so influenced by what Merwan said that his depression disappeared.


LORD MEHER, 1st American ed, vol. 1, pp. 272-274
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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