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Darwin C. Shaw

Meredith Starr had accompanied Meher Baba to America from England, and when Baba decided not to break his silence, Meredith left him. Milo Shattuck arranged for me to meet Meredith in New York City at the Stokes' home as he was making his return journey to England. At that time I did not know that he had left Baba, although he did say, at one point in our conversation, "My work is different from Baba's." This puzzled me, but I did not comment on his statement.

However, while sitting with him and chatting, I began to feel that he was trying to overpower me psychically and get me under his control. I sensed that he was one of those who have chosen the "path of power." Instinctively, I knew that the only way to repudiate him was to push his power back onto him.

I entered a state of heightened perception and detached alertness so that I would become invulnerable to this psychic invasion. This went on for some time, as we chatted normally, until I felt that he had finally given up, although even when he was back in England, I could feel his presence, like a kind of "Oversoul." I continued to repudiate the intruding presence, and in time it disappeared.


2003 © Darwin C. Shaw


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