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Mehera Irani

Baba asked us, "Do you know how to make potato patties?"

"Not quite, Baba," we replied, "but we will try!"

He said, "No, you should know how to do them properly. I'll teach you. First boil some potatoes, then peel them. Grind together a little ginger, garlic, and green chili, and chop some fresh coriander, and I'll come at nine o'clock to show you what to do."

We were so happy! We got all the ingredients together exactly as Baba had told us.

When Baba came He had us mash the potatoes, and then told us, "Now add a little salt, and mix it all up together." And Baba mixed it with us Himself. Then Baba took a little of the mixture in His hands, patted it into shape, and coated it with semolina. He showed us how we could make the patties round or oval, and how to fry them. He looked so sweet; He was so intent on what He was doing.

Then Baba left, and we continued to make patties for his lunch. This time we felt very happy; Baba had taught us what to do. We patted the mixture, and fried the patties, and served them to Baba. Baba liked the patties very much, and He told us they were very good. Baba was very fond of potato patties and it was so sweet of Him to have taught us how to make potato patties properly.


MEHERA, p. 55
1989 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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