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Margaret Craske

About a year before Baba came to America in 1952, I came in contact with Paul, a young man who, from almost the first moment of his hearing about Baba, was drawn to Him by a strong love.

He had no knowledge of spiritual matters, and would seem to be the most unlikely person to whom such a thing could happen. His parents had not wished ever to have a child. He was shown no love, and was often reminded that he had not been wanted. You can imagine the result of this treatment.

Paul, a handsome boy with too much money, had reacted to a loveless upbringing by drinking heavily, taking drugs, and doing everything else calculated to ruin himself both physically and spiritually. By the time he heard of Baba, his face showed decided signs of dissipation.

Because of this genuine love for Baba, he made valiant efforts to curtail some of his activities and did manage for six months to keep away from alcohol.

Then Baba came to New York.

He interviewed and showed Love to many persons at Ivy Duce's home, where she had a commodious studio eminently suitable for this purpose.

Never having seen anyone of Paul's type coming to see Baba, I told Him of the boy and nervously asked if an interview were a possibility.

Baba was quite short with me and indicated that His Love was for everyone who was able to love Him, and that I should have known it.

Paul went into the room where Baba, giving out of His warmth and beauty to all those around Him, was sitting.

As this sad creature entered the room, Baba's face became irradiated with a welcoming smile of loving compassion, and His arms opened to give shelter to a sobbing Paul.

For quite a few moments he remained, crying away his sins and miseries in this sanctuary of Love.

After a little while, Baba looked at me and signalled, "He loves Me."

Baba kept Paul with Him for quite a time before sending him away.

He seemed quite different after this wonder of Love, but his wrecked, unhealthy body failed to function any longer, and soon after the meeting with Baba he died.

A strange life which, starting with no love at all, had before it ended experienced the love of Love Himself.


THE DANCE OF LOVE, pp. 175-176
1980 © Sheriar Press, Inc.


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