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Bhau Kalchuri

One day, during Baba's stay that year [1963], a male Siamese cat, named Pegu, came to see him from the bungalow opposite Guruprasad. The cat would not leave Baba alone and would wait for him outside his bedroom. As soon as Baba would come there and have the door opened, the cat would precede him inside, lie down and rub his head on Baba's feet.

The cat's owner was Dolly M. Diddi. She loved the cat very much and was anxious about its disappearance. After a few days, she came to Guruprasad in search of Pegu and the cat was returned to her. But as she was taking Pegu home, the cat jumped out of her arms and came running back to Guruprasad and went into Baba's room.

Mrs. Diddi did her best to induce Pegu to come away with her, but the cat was drawn to Baba's magnetism and would not leave. The end result was that Pegu began staying at Guruprasad and her owner became devoted to Baba.

"How fortunate Pegu is," Mrs. Diddi said, "and how fortunate I am to have found Baba through my cat."


LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol. 17 & 18, p. 6133
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