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William Donkin

He disliked coming into the house, as he lived in the forest outside Belgaum, he has a filthy turban, and very bright eyes indeed: his chin is very smooth for a man. He looks about 40 years old. He loves flowers, tobacco, and tea. He drinks everything out of an old tin he carries with him.

Every day Baba covers him with flowers and feeds him. Baba says he is very advanced, between the fifth and sixth planes, in which state when in ecstasy their limbs separate from the body, and this is why they sleep in the forest. He likes Baba to sit near him, and is now much quieter than when he first came; then he wanted to go away.

Apparently all these masts find it painful coming to Baba, he is like fire to them, and burns them by his very high spiritual state.


DONKIN'S DIARIES, p. 34, ed Sarah McNeil
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