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Bhau Kalchuri

On the morning of January 31st, after a heavy downpour during the night, the sun was out, warming the spirits of the companions. After breakfast, however, Baba rebuked Baidul for not responding immediately when he was summoned.

Later, Nilu was taken to task when he facetiously said that Baba did not know what He was talking about. Unfortunately for him, Baba overheard and although Nilu had not meant to offend, Baba said that after March 1st such remarks would result in being sent away.

Throughout that day, Baba continued in a critical mood and lost His temper with several other companions. He was particularly upset with Eruch, Vishnu and Baidul, and later instructed Nilu to remind Him on the following day to have the companions pinch His ears four times for becoming angry with them.

The morning of February 1st was cold and overcast with dark, low-hanging clouds. Baba joined the men after breakfast and began by praising Nilu for remaining firm in his decision to stick with Baba under Plan III. Many of the other companions had changed their minds several times, and this was particularly true of Pendu, who came in for Baba's criticism.

Later, Nilu reminded Baba about losing His temper on the previous day, so Baba asked each companion to come forward and pinch His ears.


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