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Bhau Kalchuri

Occasionally, Merwan Seth would revisit the toddy shop in the evenings. But no matter how large the crowd there would be or how busy the shop was, he would not lend a helping hand to Behramji. Instead, he would politely excuse himself and go to the house of a Muslim named Munshi Shaikh Abdur Rahim. Munshi Rahim was the storekeeper at the Government Public Works Department in Poona. His office assistant was Sayyed Saheb, and through him Munshi had heard about Merwan Seth.

One day Merwan Seth went to Munshi's office in concerning some business with the toddy shop. Without knowing who he was, Munshi Rahim was so taken by Merwan's appearance that he could not even say, "May I help you, sir?" Munshi simply stared at the striking figure and wondered who this young man was. Merwan introduced himself and casually proceeded to do the business for which he had come. After he left, Munshi longed to see Merwan Seth again.

Soon after, Sayyed Saheb invited Merwan Seth to visit Munshi Rahim's home. Munshi Rahim inwardly recognized Merwan Seth to be someone spiritual or highly advanced and offered his home near Sasoon Hospital as a center for Merwan Seth's activities, which was accepted.

Munshi Rahim, Merwan Seth's elder, was forty-two years old. He was a faithful Muslim but was also a liberal, simple-hearted, unassuming person. He believed in the Prophethood of Muhammad, but was not orthodox. He enjoyed socializing with his friends but most of all he enjoyed playing cards. This he hesitated to admit to Merwan Seth, thinking it was not spiritual.

One day Merwan Seth casually asked, "Munshi, why don't you ever play cards?"

Munshi haltingly answered, "I do, but in your presence I would not ..."

Merwan Seth interrupted, "What harm is there in playing cards? I will play a game with you."

Munshi was overjoyed.

Munshi Rahim gradually became convinced that Merwan Seth had the ability to read his thoughts. One evening he was thinking, "For some days now, I have been eating meat — tomorrow I must eat fish. But how can I buy fish? It is not the season." The next morning, Munshi was surprised when he saw Merwan Seth bicycling toward him, carrying a large fish in his hand. Merwan smiled and, handing the fish to Munshi, pedaled away without a word. This incident convinced Munshi that Merwan Seth knew everything, for he had not told anyone of his desire to eat fish.

LORD MEHER, 1st ed, Vol 1, pp. 253-254
1979 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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