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Bhau Kalchuri

"Do you remember the incident which took place at Satara? You'd come to My bungalow to take Me to the Mandali's bungalow. In between, there was a hostel where college students stayed. When you passed by them, they would laugh at you. You did not pay any attention. You would just continue. This happened every day, but you would not mention it to Me.

"Then one day, they gathered together and decided: 'We must deceive this man who pays no attention to us, though we laugh at him and abuse him. The next day, if he passes by us, we will go to him. Very lovingly we will ask him, 'Who is Meher Baba, and why do you follow Him? We want to follow Him but we need to know about Him first. So please, spare some time and every day tell us about Him.'

"The next day, when you were passing through their hostel, they came and requested that you tell them about Me. You informed them that you would do so the following day. The next day, you went to the hostel earlier than you did previously. They listened very quietly, as if they were interested. You felt happy. When you came to Me, I asked you, 'Where did you go today?'

"'The college students who stay in this hostel are very anxious to know about You,' you said to Me. 'They requested me to come and tell them about You. So today I spent time with them.'

"I smiled and said, 'If you sow seeds on stone and then water them every day, will the seeds germinate? They will not. Therefore, in order to produce plants from the seeds, you have to prepare the soil. First you have to clean the land. If you find stones, you have to pick them up and throw them aside. Then you plow the soil and afterwards pluck out the weeds. Only then do you sow the seeds. You spread manure on the seeds, and again you have to weed. Finally, the seeds germinate and become plants. Without doing all that, if you sow the seeds on stone and water them, what will you get?'"

"'Baba, the boys are really good,' you told Me. 'They listen to me very attentively.'

"I smiled. I did not say anything. The next day, you went to the hostel, intending to tell the students about Me. They were all laughing at you, telling you, 'You fool, you have no head! You are following a man who is dumb!'

"Therefore, I tell you, in order to sow the seeds, you have to plow the land, not put the seeds on stone. Otherwise, you will never get plants.

"Why am I telling you this? According to My Wish, you have started a spiritual training program at Meherabad. I'm very happy about it. But you cannot prepare the soil, and you cannot sow the seeds. I am the One who does this. I have to. I come for this purpose."


AWAKENINGS, pp. 204-205
2011 © Bhau Kalchuri


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