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W. D. Kain

On the occasion of Guru Poornima (Full Moon Night) in the month of July, Perfect Masters are worshipped all over India by their devotees. Just a day or two before Guru Poornima in July, 1943, I happened to visit a temple to return a courtesy call by a local saint residing in Srinagar. I noticed a lot of activity in the premises. The place was being given a face lift. Flowery arches, festoons and foliage were being profusely used for decorating the place.

In response to my anxious enquiry I was told that next day being Guru Poornima, their perfect master (Guru Ji) living right in those very premises would be garlanded and offerings would be made to him by the devotees. He would give Prashad — sweets and fruits, along with his blessing to the devotees. I was invited to join those festivities. But all this jubilation rather upset me (like Manthra in the Ramayana, who was angered at the receipt of news about Rama's Coronation).

I returned to my house with a heavy heart and lay down in bed almost weeping. My regret was that while their Guru would bless his followers and give them fruits and sweets, my Perfect Master was not available even for Darshan, leave aside the dainties. I was all alone in the house: Nobody to console the weeping child of Baba! I had practically no sleep that night. About 3:30, it seemed, I dozed off. Around 4 a.m. I saw a light in the adjoining prayer room. I was startled out of my bed for I had switched off the lights at 10 p.m.

As I rushed into my prayer room, Lo! what do I see? Baba sitting on my prayer seat all smiles! Recollecting that it was Guru Poornima and Baba had graciously come to bless me, I prostrated at His feet, made verbal offering of Rs. 100 as Guru Dakshina. Baba touched my head and as I got up to have a look at Him, Baba had disappeared as mysteriously as He had appeared. He slipped past my hold, which made me repeat the words of Bhagat Surdass:

You have slipped past my hold considering me to be too weak.
But if ever you are able to escape the hold of my heart
then only I shall consider you too strong for my love grip.

1993 © W. D. Kain


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