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Today we will have a "poor" program. While I wash their feet andbow down to them, all of you should repeat continuously and audiblyenough to be "heard" by yourselves, any one of God's names. Pick theone which you are used to, and keep up the repetitions so long asthe program lasts.

Do this so sincerely that I will hear it. God is deaf, and onlythe sincerity of the devotee makes Him hear. So repeat the name ofGod from your hearts, and while repeating His name, think of God also.

Now let us return to the matter of washing the feet of the poorand my bowing down to them. When I bow down, it is neither for shownor as an expression of humility. I do it out of my love for humanity....

When you see me washing their feet and wiping them dry, and whenI put my forehead to their feet and give them four rupees each asprasad [a gift from a spiritual master which is regarded as carryinga spiritual blessing], I am actually the poorest of the poor. It isof no use then to repeat my name. When you see me behave as anordinary man, I am an ordinary man. When you find me angry I amangry. When I express ignorance I am ignorant. I am whatever I say Iam, and I am also whatever you see and feel I am.

There is no need for me to act or keep up appearances. When Icome to this plane I become everything in the entire materialuniverse. Just as you see me as a man, so an ant simultaneously seesme as an ant. Just so, I am the poor of Arangaon, too....

When you realize your own self you will find that nothing such asthe "poor" program has taken place. Nothing has ever happened orwill happen. There is no such thing as time. The present moment is,from the beginningless beginning. And everything that IS, IS at thismoment. There is no past or future.

God has always existed. HE IS. Truth is truth. It cannot bechanged. In order to appreciate truth, approach it through itselfwithout any game of hide and seek.


LISTEN, HUMANITY, p. 48-49, ed. D. E. Stevens
1982 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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