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Mehera J. Irani

One day, when we had first come to the Post Office and before the bamboo matting fence was built, we saw Baba walking across the field, and we could hear Him singing beautifully as He walked. Baba stopped singing and came towards us where we were cooking and working on the Post Office verandah.

"Do you know how fortunate you are to be with Me at this time, during these days?" He asked us.

"Yes, Baba," we replied, but at that time we did not really know how very fortunate we were. Now we appreciate those days when Baba was still talking and singing. We had no idea that Baba would keep silence for forty-four years, and how we would miss His talking and singing and laughing.

Sometime later Baba told us that from 15 June 1925 He would keep silence for His work, but this is what happened: Sparrows had made a nest in the roof of the Post Office, and it had become infested with lice.

Gulmai came from Ahmednagar to spray the lice, but while she was standing on a ladder it slipped from under her and she fell and was slightly hurt. It was because of Gulmai's fall that Baba postponed the commencement of His silence until 10 July 1925.


MEHERA, pp. 83-84
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