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Hilla Talwar

Once I suffered from severe tummyache for days on end and all the medicine I was given didn't help. Beloved Baba called me to Him and poured some medicine into a cup and stirred it with His finger. I was told to drink it, which I did to the last drop. He then washed the cup with His own hands; I was so upset to see Him do that, I made a gesture to take the cup, but He lovingly told me to go away. I never had that tummyache again after that....

I was a very vain child and, as you know, pride comes before a fall. I did have a nasty tumble. Beloved Baba often used to look at me and gesture that I had a very pretty face. Other members of the women mandali would say the same thing. So I was proud of that, until the downfall, for I contracted small-pox.

The scars it left on my face and body were very disfiguring. My face was like the surface of the moon with great big craters on it. I definitely looked ugly and I used to cry for hours on end and never dared look into the mirror.

One of the women mandali told Beloved Baba about the fact that I used to cry so much, for normally I was a very happy child. Our Beloved called me to Him, I stood before Him with my eyes on the ground holding back my tears. He asked me as to why I was so miserable, to which I replied that I was so ugly now with all those scars.

He took my face lovingly in His beautiful hands and said, "Is that all you are unhappy about?" Then He told me to apply calamine lotion on my face and body every day, which I did most religiously and soon, to my surprise, for you know that small-pox scars never disappear, my scars faded away.

I have only two tiny dots near my eyes to remind me not to be vain ever again. Was it a little miracle performed by Beloved Baba? He says that He never performs miracles, but such things happen now and then.


WHEN HE TAKES OVER, pp. 10-11, ed. Bal Natu
1988 © Bal Natu


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