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Mehera J. Irani

A month ago a Parsi family from Bombay visited us, and naturally the talk was of Baba. One of them, Alu by name, told us of a touching incident that took place when she had gone to Surat for Baba's darshan.

It was a mass darshan program, and the place was packed with people coming for Beloved Baba's darshan.

As always during darshan Baba looked more beautiful and radiant, without showing any signs of the fatigue an ordinary person would have felt even by the end of the day. Baba would caress one or smile at another, or embrace a child, exuding so much love.

Alu, awaiting her turn some distance away, saw Baba giving rose petals to some lovers near him.

The thought came to her, "How fortunate are those near Baba who are receiving his prasad. I am so far away and missing the prasad."

Almost instantly Baba turned in her direction and looked at her. He took a rose and aimed it straight at her. It hit her full on the chin, and a single petal clung to her lip. Immediately Baba signed to her to eat it.

So Alu had her prasad. Her wish was granted. This touching incident and many others like it show clearly the awareness beloved Baba has of the love of his lovers. His nazar is on all of us.

(from a letter dated November 10, 1970, Meherazad, to Charmian Knowles)

HOW A MASTER WORKS, p. 510, Ivy O. Duce
1975 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc


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