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Bhau Kalchuri

O Baba, what an impact of Your love we have received through Your compassion in our hearts, which long and long to see Your sweet smile! There is nothing in the world which can give us so much joy as that sweet smile of Yours.

Everything in the world is like dust before our eyes; and only You exist as the Real One to whom we can dedicate all in our lives, keeping You in our remembrance and forgetting the things of the world.

We cannot express in words what compassion and love You bestow on us, making us feel all the time that there is nothing in the world and that You alone exist.

Your motto of "Mastery in Servitude" which You fulfill through Narayan Seva (service to Unconscious God in creation) will become a ray of divine light for the world when You manifest universally, and the world will then realize what a service You render to the creation eternally.

This is the prasad of enlightenment You have given to us during Your centenary, and we feel this is a great gift that You are giving to the world gradually.


1995 © Meherana


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