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Rustom Falahati

On another occasion Craig, who works around Bhauji, came to discuss with him several problems related to Trust work that needed Bhauji's attention. As Craig finished explaining the nature of the problem Bhauji got very upset with Craig and started reprimanding or should I say "hammering" him. Bhauji angrily said to Craig "You always create problems for the Trust and for me. I had already attended to these problems and now again the problems have come up. I know you go around talking with people, instigating them and then you advise them to come to me. I know you are behind all this."

Craig meekly protested "Bhauji you know it's not true, I was only trying to help by drawing your attention to the problem."

This made Bhauji even more upset and he said "Yes I don't know what is happening. I am not doing my work properly. So I need your help in drawing my attention to Trust problem. Now you teach me how to do my job."

Craig protested again and Bhauji hammered him even more. In the end Craig said sorry and left.

I had seen Bhauji getting angry with me on many occasions and this time Bhauji was really fiery. As soon as Craig left Bhauji started laughing and asked us, "Did I look very angry?"

I could not believe that Bhauji was pretending. Bhauji then said "Craig is a very good worker, but do not tell him that. The hammering is his spiritual training and see he still continues to do his work. He does not run away."

At this point I asked Bhauji directly "Tell me Bhauji, how many times in the past have you hammered us and it was only a pretense?" Bhauji laughed and said "The Mandali who could pretend anger 100% of the time was Eruch. Eruch never got angry — never. He only pretended."

I again asked Bhauji "And what is your percentage rating of pretending anger?" Bhauji laughed again and replied "Maybe 80% of the time I pretend, but I still lose my temper 20% of the time."


2006 © Rustom B. Falahati


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