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Minoo Kharas

I had asked Dr. Ghani — who would be there — to promise that after first bowing down to Baba for himself, he would bow once again on my behalf, without mentioning a word about it to anyone, including Baba. I explained to the doctor that I would be there mentally, and Baba was sure to know it. Later Dr. Ghani reported to me the outcome of my request.

When he put his head on Baba's feet for a second time, as promised, and began to rise, Baba stopped him, shaking his head and saying, "No." Baba then asked Dr. Ghani to put his head properly and truly at his feet, "as you promised to someone." Dr. Ghani tried again, and again Baba said, "No." This went on for some time until Dr. Ghani was exhausted and those watching were completely baffled.

Baba finally told Dr. Ghani that when such an act is promised to another person, it must be performed precisely as that person would perform it, not just haphazardly. Dr. Ghani made one last effort, placing his head "exactly" as he thought I would have done it — but again he was rebuffed. Finally, Baba smiled and accepted the obeisance, explaining to the mandali the futility of having another person pray, or bow, or worship on your behalf. Each lover, his love, and his way of expressing that love are unique.


THE GOD-SEEKER, pp. 85-86
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