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C. B. Purdom

Allen and Unwin are going ahead with The God-Man. They have it all now, and are working on it, promising it get it out in the spring or early summer. Everything has gone through so swiftly that I can hardly believe it. I thought I should have a lot of trouble with the publication but the difficulties have melted away. Baba wants the book.

My only fear is that it is not good enough — but whatever I did I should always think that. I have, however, done my best and I hope all Baba's devotees will be pleased. I have written bearing in mind that it is written out of the Christian tradition, a Western approach, for to do otherwise would be false. It is that which has given me such hard work — such hard thinking. The book is the first attempt to give a fundamental philosophical (or theological) exposition of Baba and his teaching, only a first attempt. And having made it, I feel that I could do it again, much better.

I think that the atmosphere of the time will favour the book, and that it will not be ignored, as was The Perfect Master, and God Speaks, too. I think there is a disposition today to consider new statements of spirituality, even such revolutionary ones as Baba makes, for what Baba put forward is not merely ideas but Himself. That is what make it so hard. Yet it is not Himself as Himself but as the truth about oneself. Which makes it harder — that it to say, hard to swallow! It's not cheap spirituality and doesn't promise to make one a success in life. There is nothing easy about Baba.


LETTERS OF LOVE, pp. 290-291, ed. Jane Barry Haynes
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