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Eruch Jessawala

Being the Father of all and having permitted suffering in life, God nevertheless comes to relieve the suffering of His children. When for example, a house catches fire, a father does not run away from the fire but actively sets about saving all the family members. And even when the fire department arrives on the scene, the father is still willing to risk his life for the sake of the family.

Similarly, it is the Fatherly feeling, this very special relationship between the creator and His creation which makes God get so involved in His creation, and in spite of being able to love and serve us from His impersonal aspect, His Compassion leads Him into taking a human form that He might stay among us for a while.

Having lived with Meher Baba for so many years, I saw and felt at first hand what a great Friend to all He was, the weight of the burden He carried, the depth of the suffering He endured and the Kindness, Mercy and Compassion He expressed in His all encompassing way that gave new and deeper meaning to these qualities.

Often if a family or group who were far away from Him, needed His help, He went and provided that assistance usually in the nick of time, for His Compassion knew no distinctions and recognized no boundaries.

One day in His Compassion, Baba advised us: "As long as you run after things in the world, you will have to continue to run after them. No sooner you relinquish them and turn your back on them, the things of the world will run after you."

Even Meher Baba's 'work' was a dispensation of His Compassion which He explained thus: "I have not come to give sight to the blind or limbs to the maimed, nor even to raise the dead to life. Rather I have come to make people blind to illusion. I have come to make you dead to your lower self. I have come to redeem you from the round of births and deaths."

That indeed was Baba's 'work' — to get us closer and closer to Him, who is the Reality, by emptying us out and not by filling us in, by removing our stains and not by adding to them. His words then were a reminder to us of what our aim should be: "You are in pursuit of Me. Pursue Me but do not expect to find Me, for only when you get lost while pursuing Me, will you find Me."

Therefore we must get in tune with Meher Baba and when we do that, we will discover His act of Compassion in every breath we take and in anything and everything we undertake because our very life is sustained by His Compassion.

THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 210-211
1985 © Naosherwan Anzar


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