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Part one:


Mani S. Irani

October 31, 1956

Dear Elizabeth,

I'm taking the opportunity of letting you know well in advance about the February fast that Baba wishes all those who love Him (and if possible all those even just interested in Baba) to observe the 15th of February, the day He emerges from His present Seclusion. Do, Elizabeth dear, see that as usual it reaches all concerned in the U.S.A.

Baba wishes all to fast for 24 hours on 15th February, 1957, i.e., beginning from midnight of the 14th and ending on midnight of the 15th. During this fast all participants should think of Baba as much as possible, and repeat His name as often as one conveniently can.

Baba has observed so many of these strict fasts of 24 hours without water during His present Seclusion, and here at last we're allowed to share one with Him. All concerned in India and England, Europe, Australia, etc. will also participate.

Baba returned on the morning of the 28th very tired after the hectic mast trips; driving night and day the first three days which covered 1500 miles. Then two days in Bombay where it was hellishly hot (even from the Bombay resident's standard, which must have been some heat!)

In haste but with much love as ever from Mehera and us all.


[p.s.] I am writing Ivy today and sending her a wonderful coloured drawing (crayon water-colour) that she had asked Rano to make of Evolution and Reincarnation, etc., and which she had just completed — Baba directed her often (which was unexpected — but her table was out and Baba would stop now and then during His walks on the verandah and correct and direct her). Isn't it wonderful how He notices the tiniest details.

We loved the pictures with Banjo — just like being with you there, both looking wonderful and, Kitty, you're much slimmer than in the last picture we saw. Mehera and I are sending a picture to our Margaret whose birthday is this month. Probably the last birthday card from Satara, as we're not supposed to send any to anyone from here next year.

Much love,


* * *

November 26, 1956

Dear Elinorkit,

Here is the Baba-news. Baba was going to take it easy, but He made a "record-breaking" 128-mile trip in two hours (and you know what that is on the usual India roads, through towns and villages with cattle, dogs and bullock-carts on the road). Baba wanted to contact this very high Hindu mast (that He hadn't contacted before) and who was reported to be leaving his usual habitat at 3 o'clock on that afternoon. So the mandali hung on to their seats while Eruch raced the car (having driven all night also) and reached the spot at exactly 3:00, just as the mast was leaving the place! Baba was most happy to contact this mast. The mandali were at a near collapse (some of them not being well to begin with), and Baba cancelled the further tour and returned to Meherazad where He intended to rest for a few days. There once again it poured incessantly (the rains have gone completely mad this year for it's most unusual to have such torrents in November), and Baba returned to Satara on the 23rd.

I'll end this with a little family gossip — "Bhooti" is going to have puppies, and Mehera is specially happy — the father is an Alsatian as we have wanted a near-Bhooti-like one; she won't be having pups much longer. Kaka cares for her like a daughter, and although she's as "regal" and does not care to show her love, she demonstrates such exuberance when she sees Baba. When Baba was in Meherazad now, He told Kaka to let her off the leash and she ran straight for Baba and got onto His lap! Well, even she knows where love belongs!

It is good to be allowed to write to you, and we often feel you right here with us. Peter would have a lovely time with Banjo at the beach there, and so would we! Baba's love to you dear ones, and from Mehera and


* * *

[Kitty] You will note references in the last two letters from Mani, dated October 31 and November 26, to the strenuous driving activities involving Baba and the men mandali. Little did we realize the significance of these events until we received from her the following news:

...Continued tomorrow...


LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 475-478, Kitty Davy
1981 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


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