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Mehera J. Irani

It was now February 1926 and Baba's birthday. Instead of having a cake we celebrate birthdays by serving a very rich dish called "rava." It is made from semolina, ghee, sugar, raisins, and almonds, and is served hot. It not only tastes delicious, but it has a very tempting aroma. We usually serve it with tea early in the morning of a person's birthday.

On His birthday morning Baba was seated on the Sai Darbar near the Post Office, and Masaji, Naja's father, who was an excellent cook, placed before Baba a big pot of steaming rava. The mandali were called first, and Baba gave each of them, one by one, a generous helping of rava on their plates. Then it was the women's turn. I loved rava, and I was feeling very happy that Baba was giving such big portions. We seldom had a treat like this, and in that early morning I was eagerly looking forward to a plate of delicious, steaming rava and a glass of hot tea.

Some of the older women took theirs, and then it was my turn, so I gave my plate to Baba. Baba put His hand in the pot and brought out a pinch of rava the size of a peanut and put it on my plate! I looked at Baba, and I did not know what to say.

Baba said to me, "You have a cold, don't you?"

"No, Baba," I said, "I don't have a cold."

"A sore throat?"

"No, Baba, no sore throat."

Baba then said, "All right," and He put the ladle in the pot and gave me a good helping! And with a plate of rava and our aluminium glass of tea we girls went back to our room to quietly enjoy our feast.

Baba looked so beautiful serving rava to all, and I still remember how sweet He was that time. Baba was very playful, and He loved to tease us! But He also knew that I had been feeling greedy, and He showed me that He knew!


MEHERA, pp. 88-89
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