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Judith Garbett

I felt that it was in His bedroom that Beloved Baba really gave me darshan, and to this day the memory of it remains the most beautiful time with Him during those four days. The room was not very large. To the left there were two armchairs side by side, one covered in a light green material which Baba used when relaxing. The other, covered in yellow, He used when working. Beyond the chairs there was a wooden clothes-rack and a small table, with some of Baba's things on each.

On the right-hand side of the room just inside the door was Baba's bed with a pink flowered cover, and a plain pink cotton canopy over the high wooden framework. Beside the bed was a small rug, a footstool, and a pair of His sandals.

Baba's presence was just so incredibly strong. He was there. My eyes filled with tears, I felt as though my heart was bursting, and that I was being drawn out of myself, beyond myself. Yet I was also aware of no outward movement, it was all within me, my soul was crying out to Him and He was drawing me to Him. I turned to His bed, went down on my knees, and bent my head to the flowered cover. A perfume wafted up, so overpowering in its sweetness that again tears spilled over, and in my heart I tried to talk to Him.


LIVES OF LOVE, Mehera, 1, p. 3
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