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That is real service where there is no thought of self at all. Selfless service may not only bring one to the mystical mountain, the summit of which is Self-realization, but may enable one to ascend a large part of it, or may not only bring one into contact with a Perfect Master, but may drive one to surrender to him.

Absolutely selfless service is possible only to Perfect Masters; but spiritually imperfect, though sincere Karma Yogins must do their level best to be as selfless as they can. He who, driven by love, thinks as little as possible of his own self, and regards all as the forms of the one Self and serves others, regardless of caste, creed, and colour, is a Karma Yogin, though he may not be aspiring to Self-realization.

Doubts may assail Karma Yogins; difficulties they may have to face; disappointments they may meet with; but they would be false to themselves, if owing to doubts, difficulties and disappointments, they stop practising Karma Yoga. Regardless of results, they must go on working, all the while thinking that they are but doing their duty and it is God Himself that makes them work. He is not a Karma Yogin, who thinks now and then, 'I am doing this' and 'I am doing that,' though he may be serving others. The cursed egoism comes into play as soon as that 'I' takes hold of his mind.


THE MEHER MESSAGE, Vol. 1, No. 11, November 1929, p. 7, ed K. J. Dastur
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