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The subtle and gross universe — the whole creation — comes out of Infinite Thinking, because the creation means the infinite imagination of the Infinite Thinking. The producing point of this Infinite Thinking is known as Ahur Bindu, the Om Point, the Maheshwar Point, from which everything — the whole subtle and gross creation — has issued forth.

The atom of Infinite Thinking, when unvibrating (or unconscious), contains within itself the fine or latent universe (imagination). But when it vibrates — becomes conscious — the subtle and gross form of this universe (or imagination) is produced or manifested — in other words, created.

Infinite Thinking is one and eternal. When done finitely, It is finite, and when done infinitely, It is infinite. When done falsely, It is false, when done really, It is real; and when not done at all, It is "no-thinking." When falsely thinking as the infinitely falsely thinking Infinite Intelligence (or the infinite false I), Infinite Thinking realizes or thinks the universe (imagination). When really thinking as the infinitely really thinking Infinite Intelligence (which is the Infinite Real Mind or Infinite Real I), Infinite Thinking realizes (or thinks) Itself.

Thus the universe, which is the subtle and gross imagination, comes out of or is created by the Infinite Thinking, which means consciousness. In other words, Infinite Thinking is the Creator of the whole universe through Its atom point.

When Infinite Intelligence starts to think, It creates (that is, produces and manifests) the universe — which before this had existed as fine imagination — in subtle and gross form. When Infinite Intelligence thinks falsely, It realizes Its subtle and gross imagination which Its thinking has manifested. This realization of the imagination (or universe) constitutes the conscious state. When Infinite Intelligence thinks really, It realizes (or thinks) Itself. This is the superconscious state. And when Infinite Intelligence does not think, It produces nothing and realizes nothing, not even Itself. This is Its unconscious state.

So, strictly speaking, the universe is produced by Infinite Thinking (or consciousness) and not by Infinite Intelligence directly. The universe (or infinite imagination) is ignorance. The universe itself is not false thinking; rather, it is the production of thinking realized as real through false thinking. In brief, then, the Infinite Intelligence produces the universe through Its Infinite Thinking, realizes the universe through Its false thinking, and realizes Itself through Its Real Thinking.

Solely because of false thinking, Infinite Intelligence realizes the originally and really most-finite imagination (or universe) as infinite and Its infinite Self as finite. Ultimately, because of Real Thinking, Infinite Intelligence realizes the originally most-finite imagination (universe) as indeed most finite and Its real, infinite Self as infinite.


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