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Rustom Falahati

Although Mehera was no longer alive when I was a resident, I did have the wonderful opportunity to meet her when I used to visit as a pilgrim. Baba said that she was the purest soul in the universe. He also said that she was His beloved and that she was to Him as Radha was to Krishna, or Sita was to Rama.

When I would sit on the porch with her, listening to her stories, I always felt that she was giving me all of her attention. This is what everyone felt around her. She could touch your heart in such an intimate manner, bringing to mind stories of how Baba, when in a crowd of thousands, could make each person feel that He was giving His full attention only to him or her.

Of all the Mandali, I have found Mehera to possess this quality.

Another distinctive feature of Mehera's personality was that when she told stories, it wasn't so much that she was remembering past incidents, as it was that she was reliving them at that moment. The expression on her face showed that she was seeing Baba in her mind's eye.

She also seemed to see Baba in everyone and everything, such was her love for Baba. It is for this reason that Baba had declared, "Mehera is the only one who loves me as I should be loved." Though I did not meet Baba, I feel fortunate to have met His reflection in His beloved Mehera.


THE REAL TREASURE, Vol. 1, p. 44
2006 © Rustom B. Falahati


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