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Rustom B. Falahati

Once I was perplexed by a problem which was not resolving easily. I approached Eruch hoping that he would say something that would help me solve this problem which was of a personal nature. When I finished narrating my problem to him and asked him for a solution he said to me, "Remember Baba more and more. Try and do it whenever the problem bothers you. Do it patiently and it will get resolved."

Thinking that Eruch was trying to avoid getting involved, I said to him, "I am already remembering Baba and taking His name but nothing is happening. I will appreciate if you give me more specific directions regards this particular situation rather than say something ambiguous such as, 'Remember Baba and the problem will be solved.' As I said earlier, I am already doing that."

Eruch said very softly to me, "I have given you the correct solution to your problem but you don't want to follow it."

I protested and said to him, "I am already remembering Him.

Eruch said to me, "You are not remembering Baba."

At this time I was a little irritated and said to him, "What makes you think that I am not remembering Him?"

Eruch sighed, nodded his head and said very slowly, "One who is remembering Baba does not assert in the manner that you did just now. He is always conscious of those moments during the day when he was unable to remember Him. He makes a conscious effort to fill up even the moments with his Beloved's remembrance. The more he does that, the more he begins to feel that he is not doing enough and when the feeling is constant then it can be said that such a one is remembering Him. When you remember Him in this manner all your so called illusory problems will disappear. Try to work towards that."

It was a tall order for someone like me. Now that Eruch explained the meaning of true remembrance, I realized how petty my remembrance of Baba was. In fact, I realized that I had not even begun to play the game of remembrance, the way real lovers of God play it.

Some months later when a particular problem cropped up at Meherazad regarding the day to day working, Eruch happened to comment on the issue, "Oh Baba, when will all this end?"

With the intention of teasing him, I jokingly said to him "When you remember Him in the manner that real lovers of God remember Him." I was throwing Eruch's words back at him, waiting to see what he would say on the subject. What Eruch did was totally unexpected and surprised me no end.

He said, "You are right. I am not doing it enough through the day." Then he folded his hands and bowed his head in all humility. "Thank you for reminding me, Baba. Thank you for sending Rustom along."

Seeing Eruch do this touched my heart and made me realize how great and spontaneous his remembrance of His Lord was. How great was his humility, for I know I myself would have taken offence if somebody would have suggested that I was not remembering Baba. But Eruch thanked me. To him it was his Lord who reminded him; it was his Lord who sent me along. Watching this, that day I wondered if I would ever succeed in managing to remember Baba the way he did and, if I ever did, I wondered how many lifetimes of effort I would have to put in to reach that goal.


THE REAL TREASURE, No. 4, pp. 41-43
2011 © Rustom B. Falahati


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