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Ramjoo Abdulla

July 5, 1923

Having got up at 3:15 a.m., we were ready by 4 a.m. and started walking towards the railway lines, as it has been settled to reach Navsari walking along the railway. We left the public road near the station and began walking by the railway lines, reaching Sachin at 9 a.m. We halted here by the porter's hut in advance of the station and prepared the usual dal-rice.

After taking food and rest for a couple of hours, we again started along the railway lines. With one more halt for rest, we ultimately reached Navsari at 5:30 p.m. Having walked a record distance of 24 miles from Surat to Navsari, we were all naturally very tired, but strange to say, in the best spirits, quite in contrast to the Kaira walk.

Very strange that at Kaira when the mandali were quite broken down to the extreme limit, Baba did not look affected at all, and when the mandali are in the best of spirits in spite of walking 24 miles, Baba does not look quite up to the mark. Another uncommon fact is about myself having walked this distance so easily, because, at the time of starting in the morning, I had felt so run down that I had never hoped to traverse one-eighth of the distance.

We engaged carriages at the station and drove to the local Parsi inn called Sorab Baug. This garden is situated in the thick of Parsi population and we were frequently jeered and laughed at by the ladies and children while going to take water from the well. As usual, dal-rice was prepared and eaten to the bewilderment of those around us and particularly of the innkeeper.

In the evening a Parsi gentleman, having somehow got wind of Baba's arrival, came to take Baba's blessing. Baba sent word that he is to be let alone today, being very tired, but the gentleman persisted with his request, upon which Baba asked Gustadji to appear before him as Baba. The Parsi gentleman, never having before seen Baba, really took Gustadji for him, paid due respects and departed.

RAMJOO'S DIARIES, 1922-1929, p. 227
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